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A New Journey Begins

2018 is a new journey for me. Have been a blogger for a number of years, just to keep up with my art, share family events, and other things I’m interested in. Yeah, I’m doing the social media thing too, but none of them have been satisfying after the initial hype.


This blog is about going beyond the normal and visible. That in itself is not new personally, but delving publicly into this subject is.
If you are established in a certain way way of believing, I hope you will keep an open mind? Open to encounters you may not know existed?

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These two captures of Peets. my favorite coffee place, illustrates some of what I’m trying to say. Because of the reflections in the doors and windows it’s kind of tricky to say what’s inside and what outside. There are several ways to go about it: logically, by deduction, or by feelings.

Logically and compartmentalizing is the “safe” way. Going the established road though, we may miss out on something that is in the image/scene. For instance, how nice the weather is, or that one of the cars in the reflection,  is a new car, your friend told you about.

My encounters do not say your interpreting events, and with that, dreams, is wrong, but maybe, may be, somewhat limited?

Sorry for the long intro (actually belongs in the About section), but like you to know the background for this line of thinking is before

the featured image  is a 24 x 30 oil painting,
The Supernatural Turn © St Germain.

For the past few weeks I have kept getting visual images people see when they dream. The only difference is that I am often between sleeping and waking up. No, not delusions, or hearing “voices.” Am a retired psychologist. I know the difference between mental illness and supernatural encounters.

To get back to dreams and explain it somewhat more. We have dreams when we sleep. We have visions when awake. It is one of the stages of sleep, like the REM (rapid eye movements) stage, and your brain can’t skip them, lol.

Everyone has dreams

Whether we are awake or asleep, our senses (seeing, hearing, etc.) are not the only ways we receive information. This is because we are not only physical beings, but also emotional and spiritual beings. Some have shut that last part completely off, because they’re afraid of it, or scared  they’ll be seen as “psychologically disturbed.”

How in the world does one interpret dreams or visions? There are whole books on it! On this blog, I only mention what is relevant, and won’t bore you with research findings.
Dreams are more symbolic than visions. Carl Jung has done much to put us as ease about interpreting them – the things that are unseen.

All of this leading up to my next post “Things Unseen” …. to be continued!


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Did not want to dive into something “deep,” and give an “info” post,

nice, neutral and balanced
but it does not always work out:):)
Maybe because I talked about THE truth last week. Finding out the truth is to never assume.


When crossing over,  truth or lies may become a life or death issue

The opposite of truth of course, are lies. Not many would willingly and openly want to lie. But we might inadvertently, if we don’t know on which frequency we are. Recently I hear more and more an issue that needs to be addressed, if we want to follow the truth!

It is so subtle, that I’m referring to a story, to give you a taste.

In the beginning of the 40 year journey though the wilderness, twelve  FBI agents (back then, they called them “spies”)  were sent out to spy the economic situation of the land this ethnic group would eventually enter.


Oil, 24 x 30 inch, Grapes of Eshcol, © St. Germain

When these twelve came back, they had taken a sample with them of the grapes that grew there. On the painting above, that is literally how big the cluster of grapes were in the valley of Eshcol. They had to carry it with two people.
Now wasn’t that awesome?

“Unfortunately,” said the ten, “we are not able to go up against the people, because they’re too strong for us.”
In the story, the narrator tells the ten gave a bad report, saying that it was a land that devours its own inhabitants. According to them, “we were like grasshoppers in the sight of  the giants’ sons of Anak.” (Numb 13:24-33)


Some need a sign. The profile of the Creator outlined
in the sky, good enough for you? (not edited!)
(Sky Watch)

In short, the reaction of the people was they revolted. The consequence was that they wandered around in the wilderness for 40 years.

Are you missing something? What about the two?
God did not take the bad report and the revolt lightly. He told that every adult there would die in the desert, except for these two.

Rather than pointing the finger, the issue is why those two could focus on the good, and not on the apparent impossibilities.

The enemy of God once was the archangel of music, and had instruments within his body. After he fell from heaven because he thought he was greater than God, he became “the father of lies.”
One of the ways he lies is with the help of musical tones.

Musical tones are connected to our emotions. If we hear certain tones, we like it and opens up our emotions. What the enemy archangel does is he connects curses to this attractive music.
Recently people have been urging , “do not come under the enemy’s frequency,” because it hooks you in when you keep listening without realizing you are listening to music with curses.

So what? I can stop whenever I want to (where have I heard that before? From people who are addicted to all kinds of stuff!).

The consequence of staying on the enemy’s frequency, is you cannot see a good thing coming, even if people would shout it from the roof tops. You keep believing “the bad reports,” because you are under the enemy’s archangel’s spell!
I put it subtly – bad reports. In essence they are  …lies.

What was so maddening was these people were freed from slavery with some awesome miracles, and guided every step of the way. He had shown he could be trusted, but they still chose to trust the lies about his integrity.


Sculpture in Huntington Library Garden, Pasadena
(Tue Treasure, Tue Travel, Weekend Green)


  • Do not only be alert to the music with curses and witchcraft in it,
  • also investigate the motives behind lyrics, articles, or news. Is it to get back to another party, is it fear, revenge, or violence? Get off that track immediately, if you don’t want to become addicted to lies
    you need to love our enemies, but that does not mean you need to let yourself be used to be manipulated.
    (ABC Wed. – I)


NB: violence is not protecting one self or family and fighting back when people assault .
Violence = rage, killing, hate, revenge, no thought of respecting others


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My beginning sessions in therapy were always to discover the truth. The truth has many sides. In daily life we start attaching our view on things as THE truth.



As a psychologist the door to the truth is
never to assume.

A very helpful strategy, because assuming gets you into trouble.
It may mean extra work going on a path that turns out to be a cul the sac, not connected to other roads.
Or, it may mean people getting angry, because you assumed they meant this, but it’s not “this”, it’s “that.”

This easily happens when the person in front of you, has had a different childhood, came from a different sub culture, or has come from another country, or when English is a second language.

Never assume, even with  art, or dreams and visions.

In the following story you can see how you “know” something is going to happen, but when nothing happens, with time, doubt comes in, and think, “it was just one of my crazy ideas.”



Thistles in desert or between rocks

This was in a famine, because of a drought. The prophet Jay said to his assistant,
“Azi, go and look to see if rain is coming.”
“Nothing, sir.”
The next time, Jay repeated his request.
Azi came back, “A stark blue sky, sir.”
The following time the prophet sent him out, Azi raised his eyebrows, but went.
The time after that, Azi replied that he had to look for wood.
“Never mind wood! Please go and look!”
Next day, when Jay had that certain look in his face, Azi raised his hand impatiently. “I know … and I’ll go.”
The prophet replied, “God told me rain was coming, so we have to expect it.” He took Azi by the shoulders. “One thing you still need to learn, God does not run on our time, but on his own.”
Azi looked remorseful. “I know, but it’s so hard to wait. He can do it right this minute.”



“Don’t be mad at God!” Jay called out when Azi went outside to look on top of the hill.
Next time Azi braced himself, pressing his lips together when he went outside. The prophet looked up when he came back in,
“Your face says it did not happen today. But hey, it has to happen one of these days.”

“Sure hope it’s pretty soon, not months, or years,” Azi worried. “I don’t know if we last that long.”
“When he told me that rain was coming, he didn’t say that I wouldn’t be there to see it,” said Jay in a comforting tone. Azi sighed.
The seventh time, Jay heard a scream. He ran outside. Who knew Azi had hurt himself. But no, he was jumping for joy, pointing. “See that little white over there, it’s a cloud, a cloud, a CLOUD!”



In no time the little fist of cloud grew and grew. The cloud became darker till it was charcoal grey, and a big storm exploded in the sky.

NEVER assume you know what will happen, because the story may have a very different end:)


Oil, 29 x 30, Upcoming Storm © St Germain*


PS. This painting has been in my shows and workshops in the Netherlands,
as well as in art shows in Laguna Niguel. CA

*The servant’s real name is Gehazi (1 Kg 18:44, 2 Kg. 5)



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A door or a gate is a structure to open up a new world. this is often missed when we go through a door in our dreams.



A gate or arch means ACCESS
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A door may have several meanings in dreams or visions.

  • A door can mean opening up some thing NEW
  • Closed door means something inaccessible or forbidden
  • A back door means something from the past



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Later I will put the before and after view in a separate post and tell you more about painting this plein air:)

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Makro Tex: Before and After

Makro-Tex: Before and After

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This blog I started for some of my passions. psychology, and art combined with my faith. Many of you know me from artworksfromjeshstg. But with all the memes/ challenges these 3 often did not fit.
Up to me is now how much of my time I spend here, or my “other” blog.

The sky is an introductory subject. Many of my paintings have a sky. It’s not just a background for me, but an interactive part of the painting. After all, the sky is a reflection of the universe.



Sky Watch*


The Sky is constantly changes. a great metaphor for what happens in our sleep. Every night we dream, but we may only remember vaguely or partly, or not at all.


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