Have not been here for two – three weeks, because I was painting most of the day, and doing my first blog “Artworks from Jesh StG.”  Am the same author, but call myself here Junieper, so I don’t get confused on which blog I am.

One morning I woke up and saw a sage green square and a peach square. Always have a journal, notepad, and pen beside my bed, since  a therapist needs to stay sharp with interpreting dreams. A must is jotting down whatever one remembers immediately.

Scribbled down what I had seen. Then, came
“I have better plans for you. A future and a hope.”
“Huh?” Because I knew this was a scripture from the Bible.
What was the connection between what I had seen and this text?
Then came to me “Green has gone. Peach has come.”

Okay, at least it sounded good to me. ” But…what …?”
Before I could finish that question,
“You’ve eaten unripe (green) fruit. Now eat and enjoy juicy, ripe, and succulent fruit.”

Kept writing. It seemed I was going somewhere with this.
“You sought Me (oh, this was God – this had to be good), knowing there was more, but you have eaten from a tree, that was the tree of knowledge. Now, eat from the tree of life that has only the ripened fruit of wisdom, which nourishes and sustains you.”



Daffodil or Narciccus – Floral Bliss, Floral Friday Foto,
Weekend Green


Logical wisdom is like unripened fruit.
Hm, that meant not all that appears to be “fruit,” is nutritious.
When I thought about this, what we call wisdom, goes all the way back to the seed, and the tree it comes from.

To know what the wisdom in front of me will do to my inner world and ultimately what my view on life will be, depends on the origin of the fruit.

Remembering how my late parents talked about Dorian they ate in Indonesia, I knew this fruit was delicious, but it had a very unpleasant smell.
I smiled. Some things may seem awful, but we only know if it really IS awful, if we swallow it.

Added to this, I’m not a farmer. I don’t know much about fruit, but one thing I do know is that unripened fruit cannot germinate, while seed from (most) ripened fruit has at least the possibility to  plant itself forth.



Thurs. Doors in Gia Via Del Biscione, Lucca, Italy

Not that I was looking for it, but a few days later, I came across this photo I took  during our vacation in Lucca, Italy.

When my photo was put in photoshop, it suddenly dawned on me, that the front of this delightful ceramic shop has green and peach colored brick!!!

This is not new to me. When I see, or dream about something, and feel like I need to do something with it: paint or verbalize, it often turns out to be someone in my reach is struggling with these things. Read the paragraph after the painting   HERE.

The timing is significant. Many people who believe in God and his word, take time only twice a year: Christmas and Easter. Then a whole slew of people are religious or consider themselves Christians, only practice this on Saturday or Sunday. The rest of the week they ban it from their life or their job.
If you are in one these two places, this is for you.

There are two trees in paradise: the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. The tree of knowledge is the “logical” life, that allows selfishness, a  critical attitude, pride, half-truths, unforgiveness, or disunity.

The ultimate result is death of your faith in God (Yaweh the tri-une God the Father, his son Jesus, and the Holy spirit, not allah, of buddha, etc.).


Fish symbols on that door above. Fish are smelly, but it was the symbol Christians used when they were persecuted in Roman times.



Oil, The Two Trees, © StGermain  (ABC Wed-Life)

The tree of life is living from a place that puts God first,
not yourself, your job, or your own goals.


This switch may at first seem harder, but it’s worth it! The ultimate result of living such a life, is to be forever with him in heaven after your physical death on earth. It’s God’s living place.


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30 thoughts on “GREEN AND PEACH

  1. I enjoyed your food for thought post today, and your photos. I do love the verse in Jeremiah too. Years ago when I was going through a particularly tough time, God gave me this verse through a visiting missionary who I met while on work assignment. It’s always been one of my favourite verses since then. Have a blessed weekend.


  2. Sorry for the delay this week.
    I’m not sure what happened but the link used on the link-up list didn’t work. I had to go searching for your post to find and fix the problem – strange :-/


    1. Thanks for finding me Norm. This is what I have been dealing with, now I have 2 accounts on wordpress each with their own email and url. Please let me know if you have a suggestion, so you don’t have to fix it every time I am here at thejeshstudio.

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  3. Excellent post!
    It’s interesting that Amy mentioned Jeremiah 29:11 because after struggling with some issues I woke up that verse on my mind.

    Happy Easter!


  4. There’s something strange … although I know everyone is dreaming each night, most of the time I can’t remember anything of my dreams. Only when I’ve had a terrible nightmare, I remember the last moment. But I can do without the knowledge, I hope and I think … 😉

    Althgough I’m not religious, I want to wish you Happy Easter!


  5. Interesting thoughts (and I love your photos of Lucca). I just finished a study on Listening to God and what you went through in your dialogue fits well with what I learned. Have a wonderful Easter!


    1. Thank you Sharon! Sticking close to what God says is the only way to determine if we are on His way or one of the many that lead to Rome, if you know what I mean. Wishing you and yours a lovely Easter!


  6. You give me much to think about, Jesh. Thank you. I consider myself spiritual in that I believe in something greater than living beings and earth put together, but not religious in the sense of belonging to a church.


    1. Thanks for visiting me -yes, now I remember – you are on my facebook, so at one time we were a lot on each other’s blog:) That pottery shop was a dream (the prices too) – the artists had ceramic baking ware as well as beautiful tile work. It was great catching up with you – have a lovely week!

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  7. I need to have a notepad by the bed. As I age, I am having some really strange dreams. Good thought on doing that, and I’ve meant to do that for long time. Awesome that you’re sharing your artwork. Enjoyed my visit.

    Peabea from Peabea Scribbles


  8. I always make notes of my dreams, but sometimes it takes me a bit to work out the interpretation.
    Jeremiah 29:11 is one of my current favorite verses. I even have it on a coffee mug. It moved to my life verse after our move from Florida when I was struggling with having left all the people and places I knew behind.


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