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For a long time, even after I teaching workshops in creativity, the place where I painted was the living room of a house in a Los Angeles suburb, which was a 40 feet space, which included the kitchen. “Open concept” to the max, lol.


Now my studio is in a 40 feet separate building, being there is like stepping into a different world. A world of creativity.

Creativity begins with having ideas and imaginations.

Knowing how to put those ideas on a flat surface is one of the most important steps, which can take days, weeks, months, or years.

Research on the internet may be involved.
Composing melodies or songs
Oodles of conversations with the Creator

Is that necessary?
For me it is.
I don’t want to be wrong, haha
Process and recording (journal) the sequence of steps

Painting on a canvas or handling other mediums, is the very end result of creativity.


Spring flowers on the side
(Floral Bliss, Floral Fri Foto, Pink Saturday)


SOME RANDOM QUESTIONS people over the years have asked me.
ABC Wed.- Q

Do I process an idea with other people?
Very seldom.
Except when it is a commission. Then I need to know what the other has in mind.
Why?  What comes on canvas or paper is between God and me.
Is that not limiting?
It’s the opposite. God gives me much more freedom than people do.
Also, it’s very practical.
He knows what strategy to take,
he knows what it will look like in the end.
When I need something to broaden my horizon, he tells me.
He also lets me know when I go off track without suggesting what I should do.
What better mentor could I have?
Does every artist  work like this? I wish!


Top of the canvas is 10 feet in the air. Could not see myself on a ladder doing this! Hubs to the rescue and made a movable staircase from used wood.

Does this mean I hear “voices?” That’s an easy one to answer.
It is only one voice. The one of God.

If voices are faking to be God, it is easily recognized, because God always gives us freedom of choice. “Voices” say “you have to” or put you under pressure, threaten, or make you fearful or depressed somehow, are not God’s voice.

Psychotic voices ALWAYS are to one’s detriment, to kill someone, or destroy yourself, or someone along that line. “Voices” are NEVER encouraging, or making one feel happy or peaceful.

The biggest YELLOW one is a two inch one I used for the mammoth painting of the Wedding feast of 10 x 17 feet

In a studio, being able to flow from one thought to the other, my journeys of the mind have become more delineated and defined. Also, there’s less stress when preparing for an art event, since I have space to lay-out things in sequence.
With people come to my studio, I feel more like an artist:)


Looking up from my studio

Don’t know if the difference is seen in my paintings, but I feel less constrained, and less limited by the opinions of others.  Now the sky is the limit!
(Shot in Raw, no filters, Sky Watch)




Wished I could have had one of these cute French, but bears have been sighted in my street (not exaggerated!). I don’t think a bear knows he/she is not supposed to touch paintings. so a more sturdy door was chosen.
Tue Travel, Thurs. Door



Last week I could roll up the front  14 feet high  door
because it got warmer. Like to paint with natural light.
Even “day light” lamps distort colors some what.
But the reflections are there every season!
(Thurs. DOOR, Weekend Reflection)



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28 thoughts on “MAY STUDIO MUSINGS

  1. So happy for you to have a place to paint. I love your thoughts on how you ask the Creator to lead and guide and direct your hand as you paint. What a sweet tribute to the one who is the creator of all things beautiful. Your husband is a keeper… But I’m sure you already know that. There’s no way I could stand on a ladder that high up for any length of time. Both feet on the ground for me! Thank you so much for sharing and linking up to FFF. Hope you’re having a great weekend.


  2. Your studio is amazing, Jesh. I love that you’re doing such a huge painting. Our eldest son has come to stay with us for a while, as the house he was renting has been sold and he is out of work at the moment. He is a wood machinist by trade but has done some courses in digital art. He has recently been concentrating on painting with acrylic on canvas (he paints abstract pieces and is trying to develop his own style). I must show him the size of your canvas as every new painting he starts, is on a bigger canvas than the last one. I know he would love to try a really big one but doesn’t have the space in our tiny home. Our house is a hive of creativity at the moment; a son and daughter painting with their easels permanently set up, me writing and my husband renovating. I wouldn’t be surprised to wake up one morning and see the dog with a paintbrush in his paws, lol.


    1. Wow, indeed your house become a center of creativity! And you are in the minority with writing! I wondered if it’s also a sign of the time (like in the hippie time everyone chose the guitar as an instrument). By the way, what is a wood machinist?
      Don’t forget I had the dream of a studio for 20+ years till the opportunity came. And I would have been satisfied with an old one, but you don’t know my hubby. He was used to work for millionairs in Southern Calif. So, he goes the respectable route with permits. etc.

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    2. A wood machinist, uses a computerized sawing machine ( CAD) to cut wood for stair rails and furniture etc. It’s a part of the carpentry trade. I tried to play guitar in my teens but my finger hurt too much. My son and daughter both taught themselves to play and didn’t let sore fingers stop them and they are the artists in the family now. They are both very alike in their personalities and ways (even though there is a 17 year gap between them). They both remind me a lot of myself. You’re husband sounds like a good, dependable man.


    3. Thank you for explaining! I took up the guitar again, when every time I came into the studio a line of a melody came to me – that’s when I a year ago picked up the guitar again – of course it took me 3 weeks of hurting fingers, but now I’m fine:) My fingers, that is.
      Hubby is a Frisian. They’re labeled as staunch, stubborn and extremely loyal to their own “tribe” (Frisian is in Holland taught at the university as a language) – it’s a N.E. province in Holl.
      How I got married to him is an anomaly – don’t know how it happened :):)

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  3. Your artwork is beautiful. Forgive me for commenting on the moveable staircase, though. It’s a very nice design, and kudos to hubs for reclaiming leftover wood.


    1. No forgiving needed, am very proud of his ingenious stair case (that’s his kind of inventor’s touch). It started with 3 steps, but the steps were too far apart for my short legs, so in-between came some more steps. Then, we decided because I encourage kids to come and learn about art, it would be too dangerous, to not have railings, as well as to hold a tray for brushes and palette, etc.

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  4. Now it’s all good and I can open this one too. Very strange! Today I love the sky and the reflection the most. You call it God, others call it something else, but you are right: whatever it is, it treats us more nicely than people do. 😉


  5. I enjoyed your post. How wonderful to have an art studio and a talented husband to craft that moveable staircase. I’ve always wondered how artists can create murals/artwork on such a large scale. It seems like pure magic to me. How do you do it? Love the view of the salmon pink sky from your studio. Sounds like an idyllic place.


    1. Without hubby I never could have done, what I’m doing now. He went for one and a 1/2 year through all the permits in the book (and pay!) just to pour the concrete floor of the studio. The staircase was relatively simple (but I’m very thankful!) because he’s a finished carpenter.
      Your question “How do you do it? is a complicated one” – hold that thought for when we can meet, or you come to the studio (Last year a photography club, and 2 of them bloggers spent an afternoon here). Any time you like to come with others you are welcome! Just give me a week time to get everything in order (sometimes it’s like a real studio – messy).

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    2. Your husband is amazing! The permitting process here in California is fairly intense. We needed permits just to install ceiling fans in two bedrooms. Very cool that a photography club spent the afternoon at your studio. Are their images posted in the public domain? I’d love to see them. Thank you for the invitation! If we find ourselves going up your way, I’ll definitely reach out to you.


  6. It’s got to be wonderful having that studio! I’m very impressed with the moving stairs that your husband built. Beautiful sky shot this week… love the colors!


  7. i have had writing sessions in which I feel a higher spirit taking over and guiding me through the creativity process and synthesizing all the information I have researched. When the session, like a symphony, is done, I feel so amazed and humble. My mind shut off and let the creativity flow. Once someone asked me what it was like to be a writer. When I conveyed this experience, she looked at me like I was nuts. That’s okay. It takes one to know one. 🙂 You certainly got me thinking, Jesh.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder


  8. Lots to comment on this week, Jesh. I love the spring flowers and your husband did a wonderful job on the moveable staircase. What a guy! The Voice you hear is the only one you need to listen to to stay on the right path, whether artistically or otherwise. 🙂 Your painting is lovely and I enjoyed the glimpse into your studio and work. I hope the bear doesn’t decide s/he needs a haircut and tries to go through those doors. 🙂

    Happy rest of the week,



    1. Thanks Janet – have a great week too! One of the reasons for this blog is because it amazes that for so many artists who say they are Xtians, are – when you talk to them, you find out – at a total disconnect with the Creator if it pertains to art.
      Because of bears and other critters, I leave no food in the studio, because of in need of food or dislocation they enter a residential area.

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  9. Thank you for sending me the link so that I can continue to follow. I have added it to my reading list. Thank you, also, for the glimpse into your creativity. For those of us without that gift it is so very interesting to peek into your world.


  10. I stand back in amazement at the size of that huge painting. I have no idea how you would start working out what to paint.


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