all shots here were taken in Balboa Park in San Diego, CA

In a blurry watercolor, this would be a great scene, but photographically it leaves to be desired! My intent was to have
the iron bench as focus of interest, but the palm leaves in the background had such strong colors!
(Travel Tue)





ย In photographing some Xyloid – something woody
(ABC Wed. – X)
I saw this view in the corner of my eye in a little sky
hole between leaves. Was pleasantly surprised,
because it was an angle of the Quadrangle building not seen before
(had photographed this many times before)
Love this tower, with many arches in Balboa Park
built in the previous century.
(Tue Treasures, Thurs. Doors)





Who is to say, what is the foreground and what the background?
I stood in the hall, by the outside door that was opened,
facing the window of the art store.
Thurs. Doors, Weekend Reflection




If this view would be painted, I would suggest:DONT,
because the background colors are so strong,
the saturation would have to be strongly reduced,
to make sense for a background.
Photographically, as is – a pretty view
Makro Tex: Dont





Stripes in the sky – interesting for photography, but am glad
I’m not a realist painter!
Sky Watch



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