Overpowering – three summers out of the four years we have lived here, big fires have been burning around us. It’s not earth shattering anymore, but when getting up in the morning and I smell smoke (a smaller fire 8 miles from us), my system is on alert. I’m not afraid, but vigilant.

For this post I initially had the idea of shadows being so strong that they’re overpowering. A scene from one of my painting places at Yosemite Nat. Park.

For you who do not live here – In California, 3 1/2 hrs. to the North the Carr fire is burning (has already asked 12 lives) , and 3 1/2 hrs. South East of us in the area of the W-Entrance of Yosemite Nat. Park a fire has been burning, which meant hundreds of vacationers had to be evacuated. We live in between these two, and sometimes can smell the smoke (and ashes appear on the car) of either one of them, but too far to be a danger to us.
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Dear Post office, did you really have to put the mail
boxes right in front of this beautiful door frame?
They’re overpowering!
Thurs. Door




Shadows cannot overpower this Camellia
Hubby’s capture
Floral Bliss , Floral Fri Foto




Light overpowering shadow. Peaceful Reflection
Weekend Reflection, Fri Photo Journal,
Fri Photo Friends



The sun giving a window into a night
(Sky Watch)



Light overpowers darkness. Always!
Harbor in Long Beach at night
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46 thoughts on “OVERPOWERED

  1. Lovely shots, Jesh. The fires are terrible and I wonder when we humans will understand that our reckless activities on this planet can and will cause its destruction unless we change…
    Thanks for taking part in the “Travel Tuesday” meme.


  2. We’re getting lots of big fires in the UK as well at the moment due this year’s summer drought. I could smell the fire from the moorlands some 50 miles away yesterday morning.


  3. Praying the fires will stop soon. One friend of mine they are just over the hill from her apartment. I am shocked she hasn’t fled. Then my aunt who lives just south of Fresno in a tiny town says the sky is so thick of smoke. California hasn’t had a good two years. Ouch!


  4. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of California and the many other places where wild fires seem to happen so frequently. The firemen and those who help them are big heroes.


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