All memories of places we have grown to love …

It seemed like yesterday  (actually 2 years ago) – our first grand’s graduation – a momentous occasion with five doors in Sacramento. Where we met ….our neighbor from a long time ago from Southern Cal! How did that happen in a sea of people??
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Right out of highschool – like a young Hyrangea starting to bloom. Many intricate parts ….may end up looking differently in full bloom
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It’s a memory of 10 years ago of a vision that my friend, who is now a social worker,  had.
(Bottom side of the Red Line – the whole 9 x 7 painting is HERE) -first and third photo on the right – and one of the dreams I had – above here – when I was as a therapist dealing with several clients who were haunted by once having aborted their baby. The above is what I saw in the dream – kids in heaven, being prepped for a school morning. Finally painted this 9 x 7 feet this spring.
Makro-Tex: School


Before you know it … we are looking for a parking place to get into Seaport Village and have a cup of coffee at Upstart Crow. Or rather, hubs is looking, and I am shooting drive by pics.
Weekend Reflection


But first Mission Bay – a large area of green fields to play soccer or volley ball games, walk ways to roller skate, bike, and skate board, play grounds, set up your camper  – always our first stop before going into San Diego – having a picnic there on the lawn – I miss it!


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  1. Wonderful series but oh the painting.. My daughter told us when we were there last week that she couldn’t believe that she can get paid to help people in her psychology practice…but getting the insurance companies to pay is a nightmare and she deals with 16 different ones….Michelle


    1. Dear Michelle,
      Oh do I know about insurance companies … for that reason (and I among them), choose to go private when the chance came -meaning not making use of the insurance, also because they only will pay for certain disorders! I take it that your daughter changed jobs …I wish her success in her pursuit of helping people. Thanks for your visit and hosting:)

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  2. I love Mission Bay! You’re right, a great place for a picnic or to let grandkids run around. My grand just started kindergarten, so a while before she will be graduating!


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