Last week was insanely busy, and need to get my focus back on my own activities. Meaning am taking it easy this week:) What better than with my second favorite color to paint with: Cadmium Red, deep hue it is called by Winton



What about them apples? This would my first still life since high school’s art class (honest!) I’ll show you when it’s done! These are Gala apples. In dishes or pie I like the Green Granny Smith!
ABC Wed. -G




Train Museum in Old Town Sacramento. Hope I can get back here for a better shot of the door before Thursday!
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Couldn’t find he red train on Tuesday, when in Sacramento for a goodbye lunch with our
second grand, who’s going to study nursing
close to San Diego (about 8 hrs. away in South California) , but there were many
greyish trains with doors.
Thurs. Doors



At least I had a reflection of one of the windows of the red train.
Weekend Reflection




The Xmas cactus inside the house blooms
several times a year!
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Darkness overtaking the red sunset
Natur Donnerstag, Sky Watch


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45 thoughts on “ALL RIGHT RED

  1. Junieper, greetings for another week. Great photos and story line here. My favourite was the one of the paint tube.
    Best wishes,


    1. I’ll have to have more of a look at your blog. Do you post your art works? I am a frustrated painter, which has fueled my passion for photography. I think you’ll appreciate my door post this week. Stay tuned.
      Best wishes,


  2. Beautiful macro shot of the paint tube, and funny that they call it “Winton”! Beautiful sky shot too. Glad you are getting some time to relax this week!


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