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What I like about your blog posts is that you are full of energy, going to new places, doing different things, and capturing it stunningly! Wow and thanks, friends!

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This is the time for grapes for the vineyards around us. A friend who is into growing grapes told while giving me a bag with these in the capture that UC Davis college
is known for having
a collection of 3,500 grape varieties,
and also for a wine production dept.
Impressive, eh? These are just a few
of the varieties. One of my favorite
are the black grapes.

Vineyard (not the one of the college)






Before they are out of  sunflowers at the farmers market

What is your favorite fruit?



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  1. Beautiful images of the grapes, vineyards, and sunflowers!

    My favorite fruit… it’s a toss up between strawberries, and peaches.


  2. betty - NZ says:

    Awesome pictures of the vineyards. We have some cropping up in the south island. NZ eat more bananas per person than any other country! I love peaches, plums, golden kiwis and feijoas.


  3. Testing, one two three. I’ve tried to leave a comment twice thru WP and Google but it won’t let me. Let’s try Twitter.


  4. Klara S says:

    Wonderful shots. I’ve never been to vineyard. I think vineyards are beautiful and romantic places.
    Thank you for hosting.


  5. My goodness, so many grape varieties, I had no idea there are so many. We have 2 grape wine growing regions within easy drive of us. My family has a long history of making grape jam – delicious! Enjoy your last days of summer, we are looking forward to spring which is just around the corner.


  6. We eat a lot of fresh fruit. Two for breakfast almost every day …usually citrus or melon and berries. And apples and grapes or whatever is in season as snacks or at other meals. My favorites vary with the seasons, but I guess apples are the one fruit I would really hate to do without. They are always in our refrigerator every day of the year. Your grapes look wonderful …it’s nice to have a friendly neighbor who is a talented gardener. Like the look of your new blog! Thank you for hosting.


  7. BERRIES says:

    Beautiful sunflowers, Jesh!


  8. SPRING says:

    Please delete my first “SPRING” link, Jesh it is incorrect. Sorry!


  9. SPRING says:

    I like all fruits and vegetables, Jesh. In Summer my favourites are white flesh peaches, aromatic, sweet and juicy. In Winter, crisp apples, Royal Gala are a favourite. Springtime treats are the forest berries and Autumn favourites are… yes! Grapes! 🙂


  10. tgeriatrix says:

    The grapes look yummy, gives me an idea for next week.


  11. I love all fruits. Perhaps watermelon is my fav in the hot Italian summer.
    What a coincidence: I also posted some fruit, today! Always thanks for hosting…have a nice and fruity week!


  12. Kelleyn says:

    Yummy and pretty ! Aren’t the black ones concord grapes?


  13. Dan Antion says:

    I love grapes. We’ve been able to get some very good ones these past few weeks.


  14. I’m new to these challenges, but I will respect the rule of one post per blog – sorry.
    as per – this is a blog for artists at Fine Art America – they have their own individual blog-posts with their art. Only that they are totally new to WWW and don’t know anything. I’m trying hard to teach them but it’s not that easy… so I just thought to help and submitted myself two of their blog-posts


  15. Margy says:

    I love grapes but they are always so expensive where I live. I do buy a few to use in our morning fruit bowls. – Margy


  16. The photo of the vineyard would make a great painting, don’t you think? I wouldn’t mind eating red grapes right now. Favorite fruit is a tie between papaya and mango, but only if I’m eating them in Hawaii. 🙂


  17. Angie says:

    A favorite fruit? Wow. So hard to decide. I have to say grapes (in the form of wine!) In raw form? Apples. So many varieties and you can eat them just as they are – no peeling or any mess! Thanks for hosting All Seasons!


  18. Jackie says:

    Favourite fruit? Like them all, but apples are probably my least favourite along with papaya.


  19. Debbie Smyth says:

    Gorgeous looking grapes, and I love those sunflowers.


    1. Junieper says:

      Thank you Debbie! An abundance of both around me:)


  20. kenschneider says:

    Those grapes look delicious. My favorite fruit is mango. I have two trees and am able to freeze enough to last us more than a year plus give away about 50 pounds of them.


    1. Sasa S. says:

      I like all fruits, my favorite are cherries in june.


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