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On our way home to have a bbq. Since I seldom post a barn, this was one we passed! Maybe this door is on the back!
Tue Treasures, Fences ATW



Bbq means to our family – COALS –
no cheating with gas!
When it’s between 95 -100 degr, it’s nice
to keep the house cool, and bbq outside
Makro Tex -outdoors



This is a BBQ experience, which I know young Boo will reminisce later,
“Grand Dad, remember peaches and salmon?”




Boo’s stay for a week at our house to do wood-
work and art, inspired his younger sisters to do the same. Fortunately mommy understood
that this had to be done “later, when
you are a few years older.”
Here , on a school night
with their friend in the middle.
One Word Sunday: threesome



With Boo around, there’s only one dessert that counts: watermelon:)
Nature Notes, Natur Donnerstag



In tandem with the bbq, a door of
Olive Mix tasting!
My favorite olives are the Kalamate olives
I learned to eat (very salty) in Greece
Travel Tue, Thurs Doors



Would be nice to have these roses on the table, but no time – our tummies were growling!
Floral Bliss, Floral Fri Foto



After the BBQ there’s always a few moments to watch the sunset.
This time it was Boo’s turn,
to try this one on the Ipad
and send it to his momma.
ABC Wed. – high , Sky Watch



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One Word Sunday:threesome

51 thoughts on “THE END OF AUGUST

  1. I don’t like to see the end of August, love summer. Hate wearing shoes!
    Also hate olives!

    Boo laughing – great photo as are the girls, so carefree and happy.


  2. Oh my, that barn foto is gorgeous. I love the rusty tin roof. Salmon… yummy. We had it grilled earlier this week at my sis in loves house! Hope you have a great weekend! 💜


    1. I like you new blog and theme! You have a talent (in your blog posts) to make any place intriguing! Am not sure when, but hope I can arrange this Fall (when it’s not too cold yet) to have people come to look at my third big painting and even more important, meet old and new friends, but I keep you up to date.


  3. I like that old double door capture – and the closing image for skywatch – the bottom nature in view adds so much to the beauty there- – ahhh


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