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The link this week is open from Sunday Sept 2 through Wednesday Sept. 5 till 7pm, Pacific time.

Have enjoyed your great trips, adventures, and lovely experiences you posted last week thoroughly! My deepest thanks!

Since school has been in such a long part of my life, I have gotten used to consider September as a month of new things, and settling in for the whole school year. For some September is literally the (Jewish) New Year – this year rather early – next week.

The phrase “new assignments, new alignments” keeps running through my mind.
(assignments meaning plans, tasks.purposes and alignments are the ones you align yourself with, like relationships – friends, co-workers, etc.))
In my own life, it already started happening. Every week for about a month I met a new person, and came home with a new email or phone number!
Also, by “accident” an old friend reconnected with me, because I had the same name as the one she intended the email for.
This spring other friends have gone out of my life. When I was younger I used to be upset about this, but now I understand that some friends stay for a short time in life, and others for a long time.


When I used to live in one of the suburbs of Los Angeles, daily life could be very hectic and stressful. An never ending longing to be at least in the weekend in nature with trees and nature. Most of my friends still live life like the one below.

The reality for the ones  who live in a big city is having to drive a few hours
and pass man made works before we get into
nature, such as on and off ramps of freeways.
(Here, you see an off ramp coming down
on this freeway).
This is the time you actually would like
to be on the freeway – without traffic jams!




Or, having to pass steel bridges like these
to go to work, and pay toll…



Or pass electricity poles – here still looking good, but in the older parts telephone wires
can be unsightly! Don’t know if they in the USA ever will go over to underground electricity and phone wires.



It is at night that it gets interesting. This was
in the area of Shanghai, taken from the
11th floor, on the balcony of son’s apartment.
Heard a commotion at midnight
– the cinema came out –
noises of cars and people. Have better photos
of night lights, but they don’t mean
anything to me, relating to this subject.


When you hear “September” what comes to mind?






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22 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – BEGIN SEPTEMBER 2018

  1. Didn’t know your son lived in China. WOW! Never thought of September as a new beginning or a New Year as school starts for us in August, but September does kind of mark the end of summer. School in August is always conflicting for me as I grew up going back to school in September, but now that is all changed. Seems kind of cruel to send the kids back when the weather is so amazing. Oh well! Depending on where you live in Germany it could be either August or September. Have a great week!


  2. September is a mini new-year for me with the school year starting up. This year it’s a whole new beginning – new house, new community, new everything (except family).


  3. September is the start of autumn for me. Days are cooler and crisper. I feel more alive, energized, ambitious to try many projects at the same time. I love the lines of the freeway ramp you caught, Jesh. Beautiful photo, it is. May you have a lovely week.


  4. September does carry the threat of the Hurricane Season, but it is also the start of southbound migration. We will welcome the winter residents with open arms and long lenses!


  5. How wise you are to recognize that some friends come and go. I have some friends that I might see every 5 years or so, and we pick up right where we left off – a treasure to be sure. I am so grateful that I don’t have to deal with cities anymore. We can get to cultural activities within a few hours’ drive – just not stuck in traffic! September means the last vestiges of summer – enjoying the long days before they get short!!! Thanks for hosting All Seasons!


  6. I love living in a big city, but have a complimentary shuttle bus downtown so no stress driving. September means less tourists with kids on the streets and in the museums. September is cosy sweaters on cooler days but still lots of hot ones.


    1. No-oh – Am not ready yet to let go of staying up to date – to me it equals to stopping to eat and waiting to die (symbolically of course). Everyone who is not yet a 100 years old, should be too young for that:)

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