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Am happy to start a new month, because August was too hot and so busy!
Rosh Hashanah has become an event for us in more recent years. It’s the Jewish New Year.
Discovered that invariably things shift or change around that time (not in December/January). It will be the year 5779 and some of the meanings are to counsel, to plan, heard it also has to do with “create.” Can’t wait to see what this year has in store.


When entering a new period, it’s always good to look back at the old and have closure.

A look into the old way of making planks
of wood in the Netherlands.
Need electricity? The old way: a mill getting the energy from the wind.
That means there are usually strong winds.
Inside the mill the wood is cut with a huge
band saw or a circular saw.



When the wood arrives, the trunks are kept in the water, to age the wood without them drying out.



We lived for a short time on the country side,
close to Arnhem. Had a big yard with several blooming trees. My favorite tree was this one.
Its scientific name is Laburnum, and common name is Golden Rain.
It was at least 20 feet
tall and blooms in the spring.
Hope this tree will never have to be cut!


I get a kick out of things done in previous
century without electricity. My favorite one
is the coffee mill. Do you have
something favorite  from the past,
yhat has completely changed?







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9 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – SEPTEMBER 9

  1. I know that change is inevitable but I still don’t really like it–until I think about things that you brought up. Then, modern conveniences are a welcome change!
    Many NZ homes are heated with fireplaces and wood-burning stoves. I would LOVE if that changed to central heat and AC!


  2. Hmmm, I think that in the past people spent much more time cooking food slowly and with more attention to detail. Nowadays it’s mostly fast/fast/fast food. Also the way food was cooked – over wood stoves or open fire. Just doesn’t taste the same as that nowadays…


  3. Hi Jesh, fascinating how we look back to those “good old days”, often forgetting how much back-breaking labour was required to perform ordinary daily household tasks. My grandmother had an old washing board, a wooden plank with carved grooves and ridges, on which clothes were washed by hand. I am glad we now have . washing machine to do for us!


  4. I am having a hard time thinking of something from the past that has changed that perhaps makes me regretful. I will have to ponder this more. In the meantime, thanks for hosting and have a super week!


  5. I still have my first manual typewriter, which my parents bought me when I was 13. I’m thinking about turning it into garden art.
    That tree does look like its raining golden drops. Cheers to positive change, Jesh!


  6. That’s interesting how the water ages the wood without ruining it. I wonder if this is where the term waterlogged came from? I guess keyboards have changed a lot since I first used them. They went from manual where your fingers could fall through the keys to a wide range of electric ones to word processors and finally touch screens. I prefer a good laptop and do NOT miss typewriters, although I’ve got one that’s about 100 years old around here somewhere.


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