Naples yellow is a creamy soft yellow, different from a bright invasive cadmium yellow, and an almost neon lemon yellow


San Diego harbor at sunset
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Probably a shot from hubby, playing with shadows.
Floral Bliss, Floral Fri Foto



Watercolor, Geometrical Rocks, © St Germain

Geometrical rocks amazingly fitting like a puzzle, close to Bridal Veil Falls. Had to come back to put this in watercolor!  Didn’t want to leave it bare, so finished the tricky leaves at home.
The Joy of painting! ABC Wed. – J



Naples yellow with a greenish tint. A lovely gentleman of the old days gracing one of the walls of Balboa Park’s buildings
Tue Treasures



One of the balcony doors in Balboa Park.
Have no idea what pinkish thing is hanging there
Thurs Doors, Weekend Reflection



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