32 thoughts on “NAPLES YELLOW”

  1. I think Naples Yellow is the perfect shade of yellow. Just the right amount of brightness. Thank you for linking up today and have a great weekend!


  2. Beautiful shot of San Diego harbor. I love the “Geometrical Rocks” painting… very much reminds me of rocks I might see at Joshua Tree. The bush in front of the rocks even looks like creosote, which is so common in the desert!


    1. Closely connected, is the banana cream pie, which is one of my daughter’s favorite, which I managed to drop on one of her teen birthdays! Hey, why are we talking about food right now?? (kidding!) On another note, did you get my email about art?

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    2. HI Junieper,
      I checked my email and I can’t find an email from you. Did you send it to rowenanewton at
      I’ve never made Banana Cream Pie. However, today I made a Lemon Meringue Cake, which was yum:
      I am a bit of a comedy routine in the kitchen and something always goes wrong and I don’t really plan ahead. However, I’m also good at covering up my mistakes too. I’ve had plenty of practice.
      Hope you have a great weeend.
      Best wishes,


    3. I wrote you at hotmail, but I changed your email now:) Have never made Lemon Meringue (although I like to eat it!). I usually buy pies,except for around Christmas, because my very involved job, until 5 years ago. Now I’m into painting which is just as much involved, lol. Thank you for coming by and have a lovely weekend:) Jesh is the name I go by.
      PS. Junieper I took on so I could separate (my previously 2 blogs) and get the maximum amount of space at wordpress and get through all the security measures at blogspot.

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    1. Haha, it took me a long time to get over my 5-year old eyes, Joanne. At first I didn’t care at all, but when getting into landscape painting, a certain shad can just be “wrong!” When you said pile of stone I had to scroll back, to see what you meant – but I now see it too:)

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    1. Thank you Dan – isn’t it interesting that that shot has been sitting in my archives for ages because I had so many harbor shots and with San Diego close by I took it for granted, but now being far away from a nice harbor and because of the color Naples yellow it came to live:)
      If you have been at my blog last week, I still need to catch up – not much computer time!


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