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Loved all your posts and you know I appreciate each of them! Fun to read last week about the “old” things you or your family used, that in a few years probably will be displayed in a museum.

Last week Sept 11 was a very significant day – 17 years ago, but never forgotten.
It has been so busy I hardly had any computer time, so if I dropped some stitches, my apology!




Can you believe it in a a week summer is officially over!

This bridgehead (do you see that bridge in the distance?) one needs to pass, to start the 6-hours hike to Half Dome (Yosemite Nat. Park). This is where I cross the river and go painting, and hubs happily climbs along to 9000 feet.





When walking on the path above this view, and you see this beautiful scene below, you can’t pass without taking a few minutes to have your feet in the water.



Different kinds of rock in Bryce Canon than in Yosemite Nat. Park:)
Both hubby and I love “views” but in a different way. He climbs  until he gets a view, and preferrably goes to the top or rim, like in this photo. I take the easy way out, and paint a view from an easy to reach place.

The contrasts in colors here are breath taking! So are the difference in temperatures. Already in June temps are over a 100 degr. F during the day.. Fortunately a dry heat!

Almost every afternoon between 2 and 3 pm, the sky suddenly gets dark, and I literally have to scramble to cover  my painting gear, and run to the car, because a very cold air stream causes the temps to suddenly drop (literally 30 degrees, not exaggerated!) while a sudden hard rain pours down. After half an hour the rain stops and it warms up again.

If you have never experienced this, it has the same effect as an earthquake. Your heart skips a few beats, because people are shouting and running everywhere to seek cover, before the rain. And after an hour, it’s like nothing ever happened.




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  1. I wonder what kind of rock that is, it’s bright like sandstone but I know the rocks there are granite. 9000 feet? That’s crazy, I’d be with you taking photos while you painted. That looks like some might clean and cold water, what a precious resource.


  2. Desert rain is so different from rain here in Oregon — yes, we have experienced it and I know what you mean. I hope your hubby wasn’t up on top of some peak when it came down like that … can be dangerous. i prefer your view (but couldn’t paint it). Bryce Canyon is stunning; I’m glad you are able to visit it. Zion is also one of our favorite NPs — it’s kind of close to where you are I think.. Thank you so much for hosting.


  3. Summer is over for you and the past couple of weeks I have been welcoming spring by going for a wildflower drive through our mid-west. Just so stunning this time of year. More photos to come over the next few weeks. Enjoy autumn! and have a fabulous week ahead.


  4. Melbourne is famous for its sudden and frequent weather changes, Jesh. They are good, especially in Summer as after a couple of days of temperatures above 40˚C, it is good to get a cool change coming through with temperatures suddenly dropping 20-25˚C!


  5. The Bryce Canon sudden rain reminds me of a drench of a rain I experienced on Oahu. That rain was warm and delightful. The First Husband and me just stood there and enjoyed it. What a sight we must’ve been. Your photos of Yosemite and Bryce take me back to my times there. Thank you for the smile, Jesh. 🙂


    1. My first comment I gave before I saw your comment here. The two last captures are taken by hubby. It’s easy to see he has taken some photo classes:) Don’t know why Bryce Canon is internationally not more welknown – maybe harder to get to and smaller than the Grand Canon. Thank you for your presence at All Seasons!


  6. When we lived in New Mexico we would experience odd weather such as snow from a clear blue sky rising up to us on a mountaintop as well a sudden thunderstorms and blasts of cold air rushing down through a valley. My blog this week shows a “sundial” which indicates the seasons.


  7. Mountains do make their own weather, and it is up to us to be prepared! My hubby and I are probably with your hubs in always wanting to go higher for the view! Thanks for hosting, and enjoy your last week of summer!


  8. oooh those temperature changes sound scary. I’m not sure I’d venture out at all at those times! I love your photos, the rocks are amazing, but like you, I’d stay in an easy to reach place. No climbing for me!


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