Some consider all browns equal. To me this is Burnt Sienna,
a versatile color with the red of summer heat
or red, and hinting to the dark brown of
van Dyk brown.

For an artist it is very important to choose the right brown!
Makro-Tex: Important


The sunlit wall her is a light burnt sienna.
Tue Treasures, Thurs. Doors





An inheritance of several bird houses of the previous owners of my daughter’s property who has now a family farm.This one is a lighter burnt sienna.
Nature Notes, Natur donnerstag



Lovely Lotus flowers in Balboa Park, San Diego.
Floral Fri Foto, Floral Fri Bliss



Am not the Nana who has a multitude of pictures of the grand kids spread over the house. I asked them to paint me a rock as a momento –
it kept them busy for a while at our Christmas time at our house:)
ABC Wed. – a Keepsake



This does not look like a Californian sunset, but it is! The foreground is almost a pure burnt sienna, mixed with a smidgen of Payne Gray.

Love how at dusk turns water into silver, and the tree reflections into almost black!
Sky Watch Weekend Reflection



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My newest addition to (click)  Artnotes

Oil, 24 x 30, Undiscovered Jewel © StGermain

Never would have thought
on including a reflection
in my painting, had I not known
Weekend Reflection from James!


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27 thoughts on “FALL IS APPEARING

  1. Rock painting has become very popular round here recently. You decorate a rock and put the Facebook group on it and then place it somewhere. The finder then takes a photo of it in a new location and posts it to the relevant Facebook group. It’s like an artistic treasure hunt. My school keeps finding them on the way to school.


  2. Oh dear, I do have pictures and also pictures that only a 3 year old could make. I can’t wait till we can have some real nature adventures…I am not ready for fall except the summer heat was hard on me. I got dizzy outside and fell and am now in physical therapy for my back which has curtailed my activities. But I need to be more careful…Michelle


  3. Generally, guys are more prone to colorblindness than women, so I’m not a great discerner of different shades of brown


  4. AH…all browns are not created equal 😉 I have thought about painting rocks…but then I love the varied earthy tones that I can’t bear the thought of changing them. Have a wonderful week!


    1. These were all grey stones, if they had sienna in them or brown, I think one of the grands would have protested – they’re quite vocal about their likes and dislikes like I.
      Good to know you’re still in blogland! Went to your post about damaged – I have similar thoughts, but I couldn’t open up the comments (do you close them a certain time?) Only kept track of the All Season links, because everything possible happened this summer, except for a natural disaster – and I’m thankful for that!


  5. Oh no! All browns are not the same. Made that mistake when choosing the trim for my house. I choose this beautiful milk chocolate/hot cocoa brown for the body of the house and then somehow my trim color came out to have maybe just a touch to much read in it. Just your average brown but It does nothing for me. It sucks, but nothing I can do about it now. Going to have to wait a few years.


  6. You are one super cool Nana Jesh – I imagine rock painting at your place is a lot of fun, once you have chosen the right colour of course!
    Love your bird box 🙂
    Wren x


    1. Thank you Wren. It looks like you’re going to live in Bangkok for a while ? (I hope I have the right country – even I can’t keep up with you, haha. The bird house is my daughter’s. Being raised in the city she does the new thing – growing her own veggies, having chickens, ducks, pigs:):) Everything needs to be organic and started homeschooling her kids. As I see it, the last is the best thing:)


  7. Burnt Sienna is a good autumn color. I like that rustic birdhouse and the painted rocks–my grandkids also like to paint rocks and then I use them in my garden border.


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