Hello All Season’s Bloggers,

Your posts are beautiful and am amazed at the richness in experiences you are blogging about! Thank you all:)

The link this week is open from Sunday September 23  through Wednesday Sept. 26, till 7 pm Pacific time

These are the “agonizing” experiences. You can skip this part, but I wanted it “for the record” that I/we are still SANE and sound after this.
Am happy to tell whatever renewal we had to go through, we did it all this year!

  • work permit – (2 years too late, because they they sent the new permit to the previous address and we had to go through the whole process again)
  • passport – every 5 years – changed now to every 10 y. – the only thing we had control over, costing us 3 1/2 hrs. one way… and 3 1/2 hrs. back:)
  • drivers license – which they sent 6 weeks too late (while I had sent it in 12 weeks before the arrival)
  • a new bank card –  which took half a year, because 3 times it did not arrive!

All (except the drivers license ) had to do that we are Dutch citizens living in the USA. Still, I am thankful, because this is the life I wished for:)


But very excited to be back in the saddle
after 4 years (since those big 9 x 7 and
10 x 17 feet paintings I wanted to
get done first) with what I love to do,
to paint in public and
have direct interaction with people.


Now my images for All Seasons  this week!

Late Afternoon in Huntington Library Gardens. Was kind of wondering why they had an orange tree there, between all the exotic
and unusual plants




Late afternoon leaving the Nat. park – on our way back to the cabin.




Can’t remember what time, but definitely afternoon. Love raw nature in Yosemite Nat. Park.

Have no question for you this week, so you’re free to “answer” whatever you like!




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  1. Beautiful nature photo and how lucky to see an orange tree the way we see apple trees. Actually, there aren’t any apple trees around here but I’m sure they’re somewhere.
    And I love to watch people paint or create something. That’s a great skill set you have.
    Sorry about all the hassle, things are not made easy for people even if they were born here but if they weren’t it can be crazy stupid. Stay sane (:


    1. Usually I don’t have these kind of things happening (that’s why it was agonizing to me – I expected things to come in time like they always do!) Only this year! Oh, I did complain plenty, Joanne:):) So, you could too!

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  2. Bureaucracy can be very demoralizing, especially when it does not work well. Someone told me the other day that there are parts of California in which mail/packages can only be delivered by UPS or FedEx because all the US Postal Service workers have retired, and no one will take the jobs at those pay rates!!! Love your nature photos, and thanks for hosting!


  3. Love the photos! Such beauty on display. Sorry for the herculean effort required to stay (sane) legal. I’m glad you feel it’s worth it. I think this country is better off welcoming the people who want to live here.


    1. It’s the natural beauty in this country that keeps us here. Where I live with a little over an acre I should be a millionaire in Europe! Also, many more opportunities for women to actually work at a place they like! (despite the foolish woman marches and bizarre protests)
      I decided to be detailed in this post also because it should be normal that people keep the rules of the country where they live. Where are the funny icons when you need them?

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  4. I am so glad you are all legal again and able to paint and create without worrying about the paperwork and details. So glad you are here!!! Seems to me like every one of your nature photos could be a beautiful painting.


  5. I can “see your first (orange trees) and third (Yosemite boulders) photos as paintings. In the first photo, I love the blue of the sky and the colorful smiles of the oranges. Cheers to your next adventure of painting with the public!


  6. We have gone through something similar this summer. We applied for Canadian citizenship in December and were notified in August to come to an interview. We live far from main centers so it took a bit of planning and cost to get there, but well worth it. We now have our dual US and Canadian Citizenship. Now the big challenge of getting passports before medical appoints in the States next week. Again, lots of travel and cost to get it done in time, but we will make it without needing to make any cancellations. – Margy


  7. I am a Canadian citizen but also entitled to an Irish passport. I did have it until it expired a couple of years ago and the amount of paperwork to renew was too much of a hassle, I should check if they’ve made it easier.

    I’d love to be able to attend one of your classes!


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