All these images were taken in the Netherlands.

You see it right, red roof tiles in the middle and surrounded by thatched corners.
In the Open Air museum in Arnhem.
Tue Treasure, Tue Travel



They look like Azalea, but looking at the buds, they must be a different flower….
Floral Fri foto, Friday Bliss



Oh, next to the door I see Jam, honey, mustard, etc. , of course, how they all made it in the 1600s!
Thurs. door





For Fall Signs I choose the street in Amsterdam in October where our friends live. The trunks leaning to one side (years of wind will do that!) but the path is straight.

In California where I live I would have to wait till Later – the end November – begin December.
Makro-Tex- Signs of Fall, ABC Wed.-Later



The easy way to get a bridge out of the way for the ships to pass is in the middle! Preserved for the Open Air museum close to Arnhem.
Weekend Reflection



This would be considered in the Netherlands as lightly cloudy. Most days it’s just grey!
Sky Watch


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40 thoughts on “NICE DAYS IN THE NORTH

    1. Love the cosyness in the cities and the thousand bicycles are not only in Amsterdam, but all of the Netherlands is full of it (many city centers have closed off traffic for cars, and Amsterdam the parking is 15 Euro an hour!). But do you know that in school (used to be in 5th grade) every one had to pass a test for riding your bike safely and know the bike and traffic rules? Thanks for coming by!

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  1. I love your open air museum. That bridge is beautiful, and functional. I loved the walkway. I can relate to that in Oklahoma as most of the trees in the prairie bend to the north because of the prevailing south winds in the summer.

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  2. When I lived in San Francisco, I usually had to go out of the city or into the southern part of the city to see blue skies. I didn’t mind it at all. πŸ™‚ That pathway under the umbrella of yellow leaves looks so delightful and inviting.

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    1. Had to think about that a while – I’ve never heard anyone way they were tired of seeing a windmill. My tentative conclusion is that people know “it is needed for energy” and the old ones look quaint, the new ones look cool. In other words, probably not (tired of seeing them).

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