Before we are getting too deeply into fall, some memories about one of our vacations/holidays.
Vacation is to “rest or relax” supposedly. In the past it often reverted to “do another activity,” because I’m not interested in resting. I do that every night:) Also, I don’t need to “find myself.” All that is needed is to look in the mirror, and wow, I found myself, easy-peasy. You probably get the drift.

Vacation memories – Makro-Tex , ABC Wed.-M

Am interested in travel, but that’s not always relaxing, lol.
But this day on our get away to Cinque Terre, we took it easy, meaning eating and sipping Tonic (in Europe it’s popular to drink it like a 7-up – without the alcohol of course) while sitting on a shaded patio
Once in a while got up to take a photo, and passing the time with doing this watercolor – kind of like an artistic selfie.

I think, I had five desserts that day and greasy unhealthy food:):) This day probably cost me 3 months to get back on track health wise.


One can only visit Cinque Terre by train, bus or boat.  These are 5 little darling towns on the NW coast of Italy, very close to France.

The third of the five towns of Cingue Terre is Corniglia.
coming out of the train one has this view.
I saw “something” moving. When I saw it again,
I asked hubs if he saw it too.

Then we both had this epiphany: these little dots
may be people, and if they are people,
it will take an awful long time
to go up into town!
That moment I turned around. I know I’m a wimp.


Doors on the Left of the building


Balcony doors on the right on the 2nd and 3rd story, although it’s hard to see – the 3rd story also could be a window …what do you think?


All the way to the right you see tourists descending the stairs. I felt for the people living there. No privacy, only in winter when there were no tourists.
Thurs. Doors,  Jo’s Walk



Peach colored rose.
In the Mediterranean flowers bloom most of the year
Floral Fri Foto, Fri Bliss



Reflections of the local boats
Tue Treasures, Tue Travel, Weekend Reflection



Some days were slightly cloudy –
appreciated with the heat!
Sky Watch



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  1. Would love to visit Cinque Terre! Your photos are so inspiring.


  2. Maybe that 3rd floor balcony door is a window you climb through. Either way, I gulp thinking about standing on either balcony looking way down. I like your artistic selfie, Jesh, and your days of relaxation sounds wonderful


  3. I love seeing buildings painted colours but like you say you must be forever having people visiting and taking photographs of them!


  4. nannie2four says:

    Your fotos are always so amazing. Loved them all. I’d love a vacation… maybe someday. Family obligations keep me close to home these days. I love how confident you are with yourself. I’m still a work in progress! ☺ Happy weekend to you!


  5. I’m very sorry, but this beautiful post is not right in my linkparty “Mein Freund, der Baum” on first thurthday in the month… I have to delete, please link again next thursday, than all nature fotos are welcome… Greetings to you Ghislana


  6. What inspiration for painting and just to sit and enjoy…sigh…Michelle


  7. Roger says:

    I LOVE the vacation painting!


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