We barely lived a year on the country side, and this big fire broke out –
the firefighters got help even from cities 7 hrs. away. They worked
with several helicopters and airplanes in addition to the ground crews.
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Sunday Tree – hope I’m in time today!

9 thoughts on “FIRE AND TREE

    1. Thank you Becca – my own experience was, I got used to the fire, because it is hard to deny when you live with these clouds hanging above your head 24/7, and you see and hear planes keep coming back and forth. But the fear of losing everything (also my paintings) was the hardest to come to terms with.
      Heard this year that the PTSD and suicide of firefighters is now rivaling that of the armed forces. Hope “someone” is going to help in this area.


  1. That’s a great but scary fire image, Jesh. I have a friend in Oregon, and I know the smoke has brought worrying, uncomfortable and unhealthy smoke to her summer for the last few years.


    1. Smoke inhalation is VERY unhealthy. What your friend could do though is “detoxing” at the coast, or other areas far enough away from fires. With one fire we had (when living in Southern Calif.), I started coughing as soon as I came out of the front door. Decided to do my exercise walk back then, a few times in another city, and to keep a mask on if I had to be outside.


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