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One October we brought our son to Holland to ease his adjustment to Europe (he had lived in China for 5 years and did not speak Dutch. Why not? Because he was not even 2 years old when we left for the USA, so English is his first language).

Fall and winter in Holland can look quite moody, with often an icy wind blowing.
In the North, like here in Groningen, it’s a little colder than in the South West, close to the ocean where we used to live.

This is the Holland most of tourists do not get to see – the every day life on the country side. Sheep and pollard willows in spring.



Holland is a small country and even most of the well to do people have (comparatively with the USA) a small backyard. To have more than an acre like we do here, would be there unheard of, but they would be very disappointed
seeing our very middle class living room:)
Yet, last week found out to my surprise, it is the 5th richest country in the world.


A friend from France, married to an American, told me after one of her Eur. trips, she had met a Dutch artist. She shook her head in amazement, “Is every Dutchman an artist??”


I don’t know the answer to that question above, but it’s pretty common to be an artist without being known as such. This is of one of my Dutch friends’ work, hanging in her hall. (the shadows are not lines, they are layers of paint).


I always wanted to visit Lithuania or Estonia. If you could, which lesser known or small country would  you like to visit?





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  1. The longboat in your first picture is another way of living on the water. It must be a lot of fun using them for living and travel through the waterways. I’ve read several memoirs about people who have done that. – Margy


  2. That’s a wonderful painting –your friend, like you, is a great artist. I’d pick the Netherlands to visit (not being well-traveled).

    Happy travels and thank you as always for the link up!!


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