When it rains it pours! Or rather, we had a wind storm on Sunday (we had worse before!) and Sunday night the Electrical Co. decided to check the lines – so we were out of electricity from Sun night till Tue afternoon!  Monday we drove the 1  1/2 hr.  to Sacramento to check All Seasons, and wanted to email to reply  the friends who posted there, then I couldn’t get in my email, because yahoo decided they wanted my pass word (after months – and that info was … at home!
The power outage meant I was also stuck with prepping for a two week trip, because I couldn’t wash clothes …

Nevertheless, I tried to get my old blog background back before I travel, because the present one gave too many problems … such as losing comments:(  … and succeeded!

We are too dependent  on electricity!!

My parents brought me as a 5-year-old to Holland with my brothers. Ate more Indonesian food than Dutch,  till I became a teen. Probably why I never learned to cook Indonesian dishes. Still I get hungry for them some times.
When walking on the boardwalk of the Sacramento harbor we discovered a little Indonesian restaurant. I was ecstatic.  Memories of certain foods are powerful!
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Every time we walk by here in Old Town, this splash of green so refreshing
in the  midst of hard brick, old wood and iron. This will be imprinted in my memory of Old Town!
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Peach sprinkling her own gluten-free cake doughnut
A choir of “Not too much” is heard:)

Am proud of my middle daughter – she now home schools two of her (3) kids, has a family farm, and is a cool mom who  creates memorable birthdays for them.



Making home made doughnuts will become  a special memory
for Peach’s birthday
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I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THE DEER – solitary, or mother with kids- or, in groups – part of my neighborhood!



Since this is the 4th country I live in, I don’t take it for granted we will always live
in California. The beautiful multicolored oleander bushes
on the freeways will stay in my memory.
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If we would move out of this area around Sacramento,
this is one of the views I would savor.
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  1. Lovley photos, Jesh. I’ve lived in several countries as well, and I think that sort of experience opens one’s mind up. I can identify with what you say about getting cravings for nostalgic childhood favourite foods…
    Thanks for taking part in the Travel Tuesday meme.


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