Hello All Seasons Bloggers,

The link is open this week from Sunday October 21 through Friday October 26 at 1 pm

Was impressed with your caring and inquisitiveness when you travel outside your own area! Your posts were all out of this world!
If you read my post A Stack of Memories, you know about the power outage and the windstorm, but after that, the temps went up again.

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Sorry, I won’t be able to visit your posts this, and next week because of lack of internet connection, but I will, after Nov.4!


This is where I’m close to now, the Laguna coast, enjoying a mild Southern California fall.



Deja vu – the time we lived in the condo, steps away from Costa Mesa, Orange county



Don’t know if I still could get up there, but like she, I say “this is my place for now!”




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  1. Jeanna says:

    It’s been quite some time since I climbed up a tree or stood on a chair for that matter. Hope you’re enjoying your mild fall, it snowed here briefly on Saturday and I wouldn’t have believed it if it hadn’t been caught on camera at a Badger game. That looks like some powerful waves.


  2. betty - NZ says:

    I had a favorite tree and thought I was in a whole different world when I was in it 🙂


  3. Sallie says:

    More fun with that sweet girl! I’d love to still be able to sit up in a tree! Thank you for hosting as always and I hope you get your internet connection back soon.


  4. I was in my early 30s when I stopped climbing trees. lol I still admire a good climbing tree. Happy Trails, Jesh!


  5. Love those yellow leaves against the blue sky 🙂


  6. SYMMETRY says:

    Delightful! I used to have a tree hose as a kid and that was great fun!


    1. SYMMETRY says:

      Yes, I had a ‘tree hose’ too to water my tree, but also a ‘tree house’!


  7. Angie says:

    I loved climbing trees as a kid!!! Thanks for hosting All Seasons!


  8. Don’t you wish you could still climb trees! Have a fabulous week.


  9. Carol says:

    Hope your enjoying your trip


  10. kenschneider says:

    Nice autumn images– the child seems to be riding on the trunk of a prehistoric elephant!


  11. Klara S says:

    Great autumn shots.
    Thank you for hosting.


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