The Old and the New in the former Gold rush area

A quirky building in Folsom, part of the gold rush area. Visibly old and the walls many times painted over. Also the sidewalk is uneven.
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If it wasn’t for flowers, stone, brick and metal would be a cold world

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The shiny and reflected New(er) of the newer iconic pillars of renewed Sacramento Bridge which played an important role in the Gold Rush area.
The reflections of the new blue building in the distance, all standing
against a fairly blue sky.
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If there’s not enough romance in your life…
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23 thoughts on “FOLSUM DOORS

  1. I have to agree with Peter’s comment. Folsom always makes me think of Johnny Cash! Lovely photos today and thank you for linking up!


  2. Very unfair, but whenever I hear “Folsom” I think of Folsom prison, and whenever I think of Folsom prison I think of the Johnny Cash song. I need to visit Folsom sometime to get that connection out of my brain! Beautiful sky shot.


    1. I’m home and I’m behind with reading other blogs! I worked all weekend and have a lot to do over the next several days as well, so I don’t know if it will get any better. 🙂


    1. We asked our friend whose family has a house in Cicily where he would want to go to when in italy, he replied Napels as one the most beautiful cities! So you mad a great choice.


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