Hello All Seasons Bloggers,

Thanking you much for linking your beautiful and intriguing posts last Sunday October 21,  and am looking forward to read your posts this Sunday and there after.

The link this week is from Sunday October 28 through Friday November 2 at noon.

TWO  changes.
ONE – 
After the privacy upheaval  I’m replying to about half of you by email. I really need more time  than to Wednesday to reply to your blogs,
since I am painting often for an audience on  the weekend.
This change is independent from number 2 change.

I NEED A MAJORITY OF 16 VOTES by Friday November 2, about the following and please,  give your preference by one number: One (1)  or two (2) by comment of email. You don’t have to give any reason!

1. go back to link being open from Sunday through Wednesday 7pm
2. continue with link being open from Sunday through Friday noon


Arrived on  Monday night at my previous platform in Southern California – Laguna Niguel) to paint with an audience (they invited me, as soon as they heard I was coming their way).
Near the end, one of my art friends came in haste, handed me her business card, and said, “I lost track of you!  Please think of me (she had to go to court in a few days).”
I nodded, “By the way, do I have your permission to share the story of the blue jewel?” (I have been putting off to post this story for at least half a year now, because she had “sworn” me to secrecy!) Happy she okay-ed it:)

Why this was important to me, was I had not been here at this place for 2 years, and she had not been there in months! And suddenly we were both there, the same night!

Talking about DEJA VU!
You may think, oh that was a happy accident! Not, when I post the story in the coming weeks. You’ll mumble something,  like “well …. I’ll be…,” or “you can’t make this stuff up,” or something of that nature.

Now this week’s ALL SEASONS

Enjoying nature decorating a pillar in fall



Pile of bright and delicious pumpkins




Being there at the right moment to catch the rainbow!

Did it ever happen to you that people were surprised you were “there”
at the exact time they and you were and needed to be there?
(like my story above)






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19 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – OCTOBER 28

    1. Sorry Judy – the link should have opened on Sunday midnight, but it’s hard to keep track off because we are traveling now(don’t always have internet access).
      The link is open till Wednesday 7 pm. Click below where it says “Powered by Link Tools” – a new page opens up to fill in your perma link, email, name, and click on “to Web” a new page opens up with your images of your post – choose on of them and submit. Let me know if you still have problems, and in worse case scenario, we’ll try it again next week. Have a great week, and thinks for trying!


    2. Hi Junieper. I’m traveling, too, and know how hard it is. Now I don’t know which post I was trying to link. Gets complicated with all these prompt sites since WP dropped the ball. Thanks for responding.. Judy


  1. Hello, I always link up on Sunday too. I usually post a blog when I have time and share the first day when link is open. So … No. 1 is ok for me.


  2. I don’t really prefer either timing, but if you need a vote, I say (1).

    Last year, when one of my brothers in law died, my hubby and I just so happened to have planned to spend the weekend with my niece and her family. The family found out a few hours before we arrived, so we were there to help my sister and her extended family deal with the immediate aftermath. God’s hand was apparent on that one!

    Thanks for hosting All Seasons!


  3. I don’t have a preference either, whatever works best for you!

    I usually like autumn but this has been the coldest, dullest, rainy one we’ve had in years. I am missing getting out on crisp sunny days with sweater layers!


  4. I don’t have a preference on closing day for meme – I always link up on Sunday. Original close of Wednesday is fine with me. Your comments can be made at your convenience – there isn’t (or shouldn’t) be a time clock. Keep painting!


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