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When I’m in the city, I enjoy the variety of things to see, and many
restaurants and shops to choose from.
Can see why son choose Sutro Baths (stands in the middle)  –
we found ourselves in a world of mostly Millennials:)
I need to add -he is one of the good Millennials, one who pays
his own way, and  acts like an adult!
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Not to mention the plethora of flowers available.
It is a hub of life and culture
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And soo many sorts of vegetables
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And so many things to do if a city also has a harbor!
Hornblower Events was founded in 1980
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Yet, living in California has also addicted me to the mountains, even though stores and entertainment may not be readily available.
The mountains, not necessarily to climb them, but to see them or paint them. Now,  in the city I miss these kinds of views.
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  1. Gorgeous photo of the mountains! Whenever I travel to places without mountains on the horizon, I feel funny, like I can’t figure out my compass directions! Guess that comes from living around mountains all my life. So glad to hear your son is one of the good millenials! That’s awesome. That’s a wonderful capture of the Cliff House.


  2. I love the colours in the veggie shot, Jesh. Those mountains are amazing. For me, hills are great to climb but mountains are for photographing and gazing at in wonder.


    1. Thank you Jean – am still traveling in Southern California (left Oct. 18) – meaning hubby is doing a building job here, and I am now in a hotel room, but it’s better than an air mattress and craziness of a family into their house, yesterday! At least here it’s quiet enough to think. Only have put up with this, because I could paint with others in Laguna what I used to do before moving here. Will get back to you later:)


  3. I like all these photos, but I love the last one.
    About 40 years ago I lost my heart in the French Alps. Since then I ‘m kind of addicted to mountains too, but well … you know the Netherlands … 😉
    I hope you’re still having a good time overthere.


  4. Wow, what a gorgeous landscape! That looks like a waterfall way up there. The photo reminds me of wonderful trips in the wilderness. We’re fortunate to experience wandering in urban and natural wildernesses.


  5. I love living near the Rocky Mountains and all the nature trails we have in our neighborhood that goes up into the foothills. I do miss NYC sometimes but I enjoyed so much there while I lived there that I don’t have any regrets about moving away from it. City life is exciting but hectic. Mountain life is more scenic and filled with nature. I vote to keep Seasonal Sunday open all week, Jesh, even though I always hook up om Sunday.


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