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      Hello All Seasons Bloggers, Your posts are out of this world and of a wide variety! Many thanks, you all! Please check back once in a while, to comment on the ones who posted later! New ones can’t link after the linking has closed, but you can still visit the ones who are on there. Southern California is subtropical and does not … Continue reading ALL SEASONS – END NOVEMBER


    IF YOU ARE LOOKING for THE ALL SEASONS post this week ( open till Friday), it’s right below this one! Click on bottom, right above the blue comment section ***** The things I am thankful for have been kind of hidden. Now is the time to mention them by name. They may not mean much to you, but to me they are treasures. … Continue reading PLENTY OF THANKS


       Hello All Seasons Bloggers, The link is open this week from Sunday November 18 to Friday November 23 at noon. November is a significant month when commemorating the fallen soldiers, voting  in which direction we would like to see the country (USA) go, but  on the other hand being thankful for the harvest. It all belongs to life! Happy Thanksgiving, USA-ers! My … Continue reading ALL SEASONS – GIVING THANKS WITH ROSES


Experimenting to organize my links to the memes/challenges better. The Thursday and thereafter links, will come after (meaning “above”) All Seasons. Will see if this works! Am taking “viewpoint” from the angle one sees the objects. This is how I saw the apples in the fruit bowl (photo) Part top, part side. Sun Snap, Communal Global     This is how 11-year-old Boo painted them … Continue reading VIEWPOINTS AND SUCH


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ALL SEASONS – November 11

          Hello All Seasons Bloggers, There’s nothing more satisfying than to read all of your  lovely, interesting, and witty posts with beautiful images! Feel for you who already had some frost – keep safe and warm! Am back, finally. It was a Southern Californian adventure, but there are not many areas that can rival the beauty of the forest and quietness of our house, … Continue reading ALL SEASONS – November 11