Hello All Seasons Bloggers,

This week the link is still open all week from Sunday November 4 through Friday November 9 till noon (pacific time), because I am still traveling in Southern California

Many, many thanks for all your beautiful and interesting  posts! I have become more adept in looking for wifi places, one of them is Target (in the USA it is a department store)!

November,  a month with 2 birthdays (in my family) and Thanksgiving.  Will be glad Nov.6 elections are over, because the frenzy of some people is reaching  a boiling point.
After I come home, I have to start immediately with Christmas presents, since hubs has to leave again for work in the first two weeks of December. Am not ready  to even think about December!!

What is going on for you in November?


I like to say “turning” leaves, or “bright,” or even “chocolate” leaves, instead of brown:)  In the Southern part of the state is challenging to think about winter, because there are no signs, or hardly.

Having an interesting time in Southern  California, because to our surprise the older in age friends have completely changed in their philosophy about life, much more than the younger ones! I had expected the opposite:)

Some people have advanced traveling on the road of their life goals, and sadly, some seem kind of lost:)  Some I have connected with like no time has passed, while with others I’m straining to understand “where they are at” – like I have another person in front of me.

Also, some of the old neighborhoods of about 9-10 years  ago have changed so much, that I have had to make  U-turns to get back to where I wanted to go:)

The bright times were for me … painting with friends artists.




Fountain in Fall, across from Peets Coffee in Sacramento
(considered mid- California)





Red berries




Leading to the unpaved road where we live. The forest was much thicker, with only a narrow slice of sky
before they cut down 200 trees here at this corner
two years ago (this is the “after” view), because of beetle
infection. Now you can imagine why the horticulturist
told us, “You don’t have enough sun to grow tomatoes:(“


How is your season coming along (in which ever way you want to reply to)?
Is it comfortable for you, or you rather skip this season?





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  1. I do not like this season because all the pretty colors are almost gone, it gets too cold and it’s darker an hour earlier. October was not a good month for me although it’s usually my favorite month.
    I love how you captured the water in the fountain and how welcoming the light makes it look. Peet’s sounds cozy and tempting as I type with cold feet. I’m not using my feet to type, but it is kind of chilly in here.
    Have fun traveling and sometimes we need more than a few encounters to reconnect with people. I find the campus and downtown changes so much I hardly recognize it and I’ve lived here forever, I can only imagine how it is for you. The idea of painting with friends sounds fantastic.
    I’ll be glued to the tube watching the election coverage tonight and can only hope people get it right (or left) this time.


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