ALL SEASONS – November 11


        Hello All Seasons Bloggers,

There’s nothing more satisfying than to read all of your  lovely, interesting, and witty posts with beautiful images!
Feel for you who already had some frost – keep safe and warm!

Am back, finally. It was a Southern Californian adventure, but there are not many areas that can rival the beauty of the forest and quietness of our house, that fell like a blanket on us, as soon as we opened the door!

If you like to read one little story about my Southern Californian painting adventure, CLICK.

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Before we went back to the Northern part of the state we went to the
Huntington Library for a few hours. The plants, flowers,
and buildings  are organized by the parts of the world
in which they are seen.
The Chinese garden has a river and a lake,
to display their white stone and their bridges
and their beautifully paved path ways.



The Huntington Library Gardens at Pasadena, USA  are similar to the
Open Air museum at Arnhem, the Netherlands
in that they show historic plants

in the first, and historic interiors and living in the second.


This flower was at the Indonesian “yard”
together with a building to show how they lived in those days.
You might think, what does Indonesian culture  in a Dutch museum?
It is because Indonesia was for more than a generation a colony of Holland.
So, people inter-married, and began to accept customs of both cultures.etc. (Open Air Museum)



Blue Delft on the shelf, it cannot be more Dutch than that!
Fun to visit the factory (it’s more like a shop) where
the Delft Blue dishes are made and painted by hand.
You also see two kettles hanging?
(Open Air Museum)

A tip to differentiate the real Delft Blue from the fake:
with real Delft, the  blue increases in color with time,
whereas the fake lightens.


Is there a part of the world are you attracted to?
My top choice (right now – it may change tomorrow:)) – it is the South of Europe ….




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  1. Klara S says:

    I love the flowers!
    Thank you for hosting.


  2. kenschneider says:

    So interesting about the Idonesian connection and the Deft Blue colors which intensify over time (like true love!).


  3. RED says:

    Lovely shots, Jesh. The theme garden is a great idea!


  4. HEXAGON STEW says:

    Blue Delft I love since I visited Delft in Holland! One part of the world I’d like to get back to one of these days is USA and Canada as I enjoyed our times there quite a lot.


  5. Sallie says:

    i would enjoy visiting any part of your world! But i am enjoying my corner of it right now as well.


  6. I love the depth of blue in Delft blue. I’m imagining that blue with the red of the Indonesian flower, along with some kind of green. I’m into colors right now. lol


  7. I love travel, but there is nothing quite like returning home. After the bustle and crowds in Europe during our trip in May, I longed for the quiet of a forrest walk back home.


  8. Jill Foley says:



  9. Jackie says:

    I’ve been to the Delft factory!


  10. Kelleyn says:

    I wanted to go to Delft last year on our way home from Keukenhof, but I left too late in the morning and so we didn’t have time to swing through the city. I hear it is a lovely city. It was a good thing we didn’t stop because it rained on the way home and what is normal 5-hour drive took 7 hours.


  11. The Blue Delft pottery is lovely.
    Hope none of yours are touched by the fires. Enjoy your Sunday!


  12. The flower at the Indonesian yard is gorgeous!


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