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Am back to the Sacramento area (having spent 2 1/2 week
in the Los Angeles area ,
but my head is still in two places!

There are not many houses in Sacramento which
are older but modernized.
What a fresh coat of paint and trim can do:)
Thurs. Doors, Weekend Reflection


The bars  of this door are part
of the STRAIGHT iron fence and gate of the house above.
For Thurs. DOORS I am glad I finally found a door that is not so common:)
Mosaic Monday, ABC Wed.-S, Thurs. Doors




Window reflections on the second story




What is a window sill without flowering plant?

Actually this is one of the displays of the Nature Society
(it might have another name), one time in Balboa Park, San Diego.
It’s insane how beautiful the flowers of a cactus can be!
Last week we visited San Diego but not enough time for Balboa Park
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These branches make it interesting
Sky Watch


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34 thoughts on “DOOR IN SACRAMENTO

  1. It’s wonderful to see old houses lovoingly restored and looked after. The door is wonderful too, Jesh!
    Thank you for taking part in the Travel Tuesday meme.


  2. Lovely cactus flower photo. I did have a beautiful yellow flowering one, but so hard to weed when in the flower bed so I eliminated it. Now trying one for next year (hoping it survives) in a flower pot.


    1. Still catching up … fortunately I am still living far from Paradise, only the smoke travels to Sacramento (we always do our groceries there). It’s overwhelming how many deaths there have been lately.


  3. That house, all of it, is a winner, Jesh!! Praying for everyone involved in any way with the fires, for rain, etc., etc. Also praying for rain in the part of France and Germany (and maybe elsewhere in Europe) experiencing bad droughts. We could share some of our excess rain!



  4. I fret about the fires. A couple I know, the Pinis of Elfquest fame, had their garden and fence scorched but their house survived.


  5. Praying for rain for California! While I haven’t lived in California for a very long time, it breaks my heart. My birth state and will always have a piece of my heart. Love all the Victorians of California! I had a friend who used to restore them in the Santa Cruz area. As for cold, we can get into the 30’s but that is rare. This morning it is in the low 50′ but we have had rain now for the last 3 days straight. I wish I could send it your way as we really don’t need it and the creeks and rivers are overflowing. Thankfully, my house is on a hill.


  6. Jesh – love the Victorian color scheme. My oldest sister has a Victorian in Ohio, and the architecture will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks for joining Mosaic Monday this week! And thinking of everyone I know in California – terrible fires!


    1. It’s in an older neighborhood, close to Old Town, next to where my computer shop is. So surprised because it looks more southern California – light colors, ritzy.
      How is the air quality where you live? Yesterday (Sunday 11/11) the sky was hazy and with a strong smell of smoke in Sacramento:(
      Where we live it’s not as bad.

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    2. The air quality is bad here. We stayed indoors yesterday and today. Though there was some improvement today.

      I was in Central Valley on Saturday and the air was bad there too. So much smoke I could smell it.


    3. When we were on Sunday in Sacramento (going to the art store:)) it was bad, but they told us, the day before it was 3x as bad. Praying for rain! Was glad to come home – no smoky sky here yet on the mountain.

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