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November is a significant month when commemorating the fallen soldiers, voting  in which direction we would like to see the country (USA) go, but  on the other hand being thankful for the harvest. It all belongs to life!
Happy Thanksgiving, USA-ers!

My thanks to you all for holding the fort these weeks at All Seasons by sharing your lovely posts and awesome photos, and visiting each other!  It was not always easy to find the time to reply, so I may have sounded distracted at times. If I was, I apologize!

Experimenting this week with how to position my own posts and links, so the ones before Thursday you will see attached to my weekend posts (below All Seasons), because I’ve noticed that as soon as I put a post “above” All Seasons, traffic stops, except for the super committed to leave a photo link.


The last stop we made before going back to Northern California was a visit of the Huntington, which is a paradise for photographers. Once  this was Henry Huntington’s garden.
Born in 1850, he was one of the railroad tycoons of his time and made the Huntington a collections based nonprofit of rare books. art, and botanical gardens in 1919. His wife Arabella helped greatly with the European art collection.

When we lived an hour South of Pasadena in the past, we visited the gardens at least  once a year.There is no way to see it all in one visit. At present the gardens covers 120 acres.
Since last time, five years ago, they changed the entrance. Also made big changes in the overall look.

The new pathways are attractive, and frame the plants, flowers and trees beautifully. They had a few ponds with fountains,
but have added wooden benches and chairs in between, so one can sit and enjoy it for a while, rather than rushing through to see as much as possible.
Also added some more contemporary statues.

Easy to see much work and thought has gone into the changes (and tons of $$ too).  Everything says, “Come back!”

Just a few items of the Gardens …. enjoy!



“Ask me about Roses”
they added that at the beginning of the Rose Garden.
One can reserve an English tea in the tea room at the rose garden.
The Chinese Garden also serves tea and some refreshments.





Should have taken a shot of the back of these roses so you can see it is really one stem for these roses!




Paradise of palms in the desert garden




Cyphostemma juttae also in the desert garden. It stores water in the knobby trunk.  BE WARNED: this plant is from the grape family, but the grapes are poisonous.



Another beauty of the desert garden. These lilies are blooms from the tree below!



An interesting (pregnant?) trunk with a bulge!

Do you realize this was all still blooming two weeks ago?
What are your favorite winter plants/blooms?
I love the Christmas cactus – any color:)

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  1. Jesh – lots of posts with roses this week! Love it! I am sorry that I have not linked to All Seasons for a couple of weeks. I have been incredibly busy and can’t find the time to write two posts! (And keep up with commenting, which is why I am here at 11.30 at night!) I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  2. I’d like to try growing confetti-looking roses like those. They look so jolly and excited about having discovered something. Happy Thanksgiving, to you and your family, Jesh.


  3. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. Now that fall is coming to a close and winter weather is moving in, it’s a treat to see green and pretty colors. I hope the current generation of wealthy business folk think about leaving something beautiful behind.


    1. Even though I’m not as much in the North as where your live, the mild weather in South Calif. was wonderful. I agree, it would be nice if the billionaires would leave the next generations some enjoyments!


  4. Beautiful garden, Jesh, and lovely photos. Thankfully we have a mild winter and some rose varieties in our garden will keep flowering almost all year long. Christmas cactus is lovely, as is Easter cactus! Our seasons are topsy-turvy, remember!


  5. A beautiful place!. Those simple roses of different patterns on the same stem are striking. Here in south Florida I think our summers are too hot for roses, but flowering plants do well during the winter, as do vegetables.


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