Most of my themes cannot be expressed with one image,
for the reason that often words have more than one meaning,
as well as more than one association attached to it.
I like my blog to be more than “one tone.”

One essential of life has to do with the following.
In my way of life, “being funny” is not a virtue.
Some comedians may think their skill is an asset.
Yet, being funny is just one moment of attention.
Being joyful can be a way of life.


Joy is a word with many, many meanings and associations.

Focusing on the joy of watching how the mountains take on
muted tones in “winter” (it’s not a real winter in California,
except for the very North part) makes the Grapevine less stressful.

Every motorist breathes a sigh of relief when having passed
the Grapevine,
a stretch of 40 miles, with steep ascents and descents,
between Los Angeles and Mid-California.
Treacherous in the summer with cars overheating or slick surface i
in winter, and even more
when people  zig-zag in between cars and trucks.
They make it very dangerous for the rest of us.
Tue Travel



A winter essential in my neighborhood.  What you see
is not a cloud behind the chimney,
but the smoke of the wood stove burning and rising right now.
This photo is from last year, since
I don’t have  Christmas lights up yet.
When driving by, it’s interesting to smell the differences
of wood  neighbors burn. The pine tree is at least 60 feet.
Sun Tree, Makro-Tex: signs of winter




It is an essential for me personally to experiment!
The collage are not images next to each other with a border
in between, but on top of each other, without borders:)
Mosaic Monday



Color inside is a winter essential. This blooming cactus is
one of them, even though they often bloom
later or earlier than Christmas!



In cases of a coffee-need attack, I keep  this in my purse:)
Sunday One Word Photo
Much Used! ABC Wed: U

Thanksgiving has passed only half a week , and all I can recall
is that we have been eating holiday food for at least 3days instead of one!
What about you?
At last, from Tuesday on it has been raining here –
giving thanks for this blessing,
so the fire fighters have a break!


Thanks to All the hosts!

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18 thoughts on “ESSENTIALS

  1. I love WInter, Jesh, and in your part of the world you get to enjoy much of what I like about the season…
    Thank you for taking part in the Travel Tuesday Meme.


  2. Eating holiday food for three days sounds about right, I hope you had a joyful Thanksgiving. I freaked out when I was driving winding roads at high elevation in California. Freaked. Out.
    I have to say though if it weren’t for comedy and comedians I’d be dead several times over.
    A wood-burning stove sounds incredible, I haven’t turned my gas fireplace on for a few years now, but am occasionally tempted. I bet it smells like home and hearth and love all good stuff when you get it going. I picture a pan of chestnuts roasting on top.


  3. So true on the smell on some fireplace wood. It sure is time already in the last of November for firewood and fires because we’ve had snow for almost a week on the ground and cold temps already. brrrrrr


  4. I like your mosaic photo, Jesh. It’s thinking out of the box, it certainly is. I must give it a try.
    It’s been over a decade since I’ve driven over the Grapevine. I didn’t care too much for the frenzied drivers around me, but I certainly enjoyed going through that amazing canyon.


  5. My Christmas cactus is also in flower at the moment. It might be early but it’s still beautiful and gives me that feeling of joy you mentioned. How cosy to gather around a wood burning stove in the winter. Enjoy your week.


  6. Jesh – It’s hard to imagine that Californians might need a wood fire in the winter to stay warm … I agree with you that the word joy has many meanings – and people get joy from different places – for me, joy is in the simple things, such as catching up with my blogging buddies! Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday, my friend! I admire the creativity of a ‘collage without borders’!


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