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In the city I hardly noticed the sky. Probably because of the distraction
of all the buildings. On the country side, the sky can take up
half of the landscape – talking about essential!
Natur Donnerstag, Sky Watch, Sunday Tree



Light in dark places is essential. Cool when the light
comes in patterns, like lines at the ceiling of the tunnel
leaving  Nice, France.
One Word Photo: lines, Tue Travel



The wine shop across from the background buildings of the
Farmers Market buildings. You see them on the left of the reflection .
Even in the Thanksgiving week I received (a Merlot)  wine gift!
Not essential, but a very thoughtful gift:)
Thurs. Door, Weekend Reflection




If it’s not a Merlot, a warm drink like cider
would be great when decorating for Christmas!
Makro-Tex, Communal Global




Flowers are always an essential! Gasped when I saw this,
and checked at the back if one of them was not taped!
Seen in Balboa Park, San Diego
FOTD,  ABC Wed..- Violet * Floral Fri Foto




Sometimes it’s good to look back and take stock
what happened this year.
Mosaic Mon.



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25 thoughts on “ESSENTIALS 2

  1. Wonderful shots, Jesh. We have a bush of “Yesterday, today and tomorrow” growing in our garden. Did you get close enough to smell the flowers? Their fragrance is amazing.
    Thanks for taking part in the “Travel Tuesday” meme.


  2. Jesh – yes, yes yes – why is the sky in the country bigger? Maybe because there are no tall buildings to block our view. So glad you could join Mosaic Monday this week – it is a good time of year to reflect …


  3. I love that flock of sheep in the sky in your first photo.
    I’m glad to live in Friesland with it’s low horizons. Although I live in a small city, I am in the countryside within ten minutes to see lots of sky.


  4. Funny and true how the sky, and other things in nature as well, take on more prominence as you get away from the city. Beautiful sky shot, and the photo in the tunnel is amazing!


  5. Love seeing the flowers. It is cold and gray here all the time. Winter in Kentucky! lol Thanks for linking up today.


  6. Wine AND gifts? Isn’t wine an excellent gift all on its own? Well maybe that’s just my preference.
    I do like the fun shot of the ceiling lights in the tunnel too 🙂


    1. Since we moved slowly through the tunnel I saw my chance and kept the camera clicking. Am proud of how generous my daughter is with her time and funds. She brought half of a Thanksgiving meal, including a ham she baked herself, while she only would bring dessert.
      My browser keeps jumping, instead of scrolling so it’s hard to see your photos – I will come back when the internet connection is better! Thanks for hosting!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Lovely photos, Jesh. True what you say about not noticing the sky when in towns and cities. There just seems to be so much more of it in the countryside or at the beach. I couldn’t get your link to work from Norm’s blue frog so I went to your site. Maybe there’s a problem with it, or it could be me, lol.


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