Where has Summer gone?
She was just here when I looked
the next moment she was gone



Let’s ride the bike.
welcomed the fun then
Now in the cold
it ‘s a major undertaking
Thurs. Door, One Word Photo,




When the sun was there
just glanced in passing
Now the sky is grey
searching my mind to find
the brightness of these colors
Natur Donnerstag, Sun Trees



As nostalgic I can be about the sun, as much
passion I have for art. The beginning pf this photo
was in Holland during the workshops I gave there.
Mosaic Monday




It was only a few weeks
this water lily waved at me
now she is nowhere to be found
Floral Fri Foto, Fri Bliss, Floral Fri Foto. ABCWed. – Water



In summer the sails were raised many times,
but now the captain seems AWOL (Kampen, Holland).

Sorry for this off color in trying to make the reflections on the deck more visible!
One Photo Sun (rudder-round), Weekend Reflect




Summer’s long sunsets have long gone.
In December it’s just for some short moments
Sky Watch, Marko-Tex:December



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34 thoughts on “WHEN THE SUN WAS THERE

  1. We really feel the lack of sun this time of year. When we do get it, the temperatures drop below freezing at night. It’s a double-edged sword. – Margy


  2. A good selection to celebrate the end of Summer. I keep reminding myself that after Christmas the daylight hours will gradually increase.


  3. Jesh – yes, the summer days are fleeting, just like our youth – LOL! A creative mosaic. So glad you stopped by to add your artistic touch to Mosaic Monday!!


  4. Hi jesh – so much to like here – the lily pads are my fav of this post, but so much variety and nice color – from the tree to the door to the boat…


  5. Beautiful pics of warmer weather. We are cold here in central Kentucky with a snow storm headed our way. Thank you for linking up today and I hope you have a great weekend.


    1. Is a wood stove common even in city areas? I remember in the beginning people visiting us were kind of shocked to find out, or wondering why we had “that thing” in the living room (Californians, haha).

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  6. Beautiful reminders of what Summer is, but I confess I am enjoying fall in all it’s splendor just now. I know when it’s really cold I’ll wish for Summer’s warmth and outdoor fun, but each season has its beauty and pleasures. I want to marvel and revel every one in its time and season. I don’t want to miss a thing or cheat a season of a moment for fear of cheating myself of something wonderful and miss it. Life is short here and as much as I love Summer and Fall I don’t want to miss the beauty and magic of Spring and Winter.

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    1. Guess I have lived too long (3+ decades) in Southern Calif. I like the views, but admittedly not to live through it! Don’t know if you missed it, but last weekend we had snow falling 2 days in a row (but it melted again). This week it has rained almost every day/or night:)


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