Side buildings of Fraelemaborg Manor, Groningen. Holland
Now a museum, built in the 17th century.
Sorry, I couldn’t come closer to get the doors in the capture.
Also, even though there was not a sign “forbidden to walk on the grass,”
grass is considered (almost) “sacred” in Holland.
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For Makro-Tex was not sure what was meant with “Seasons” – to me this included more than one.  So the photo above is for Fall, the flowers for Summer, the deer display for winter.

White flowers, seen in the  Hortus gardens in
Groningen, Holland
One Photo Sunday: White, FOTD.
Floral Fri Foto, Fri Bliss




A deer  in the front yard watching me
click the camera (quickly,  before he runs off)!
Sun Trees, Nature Notes, Natur Donnerstag



Didn’t know Buckie was also in a Xmas (Christmas) play:)
Mosaic Monda y,Makro-Tex: Winter, ABC Wed: Xmas



A church window in a small town in Holland, Lunteren,  where we lived for one and a half years, and our first experience living in a forest.
It was a breath of fresh air, leaving a too busy life.
This reflection and the next image, remind me
some windows of time are so short, like a sizzle.
Grab it quickly before the window closes:)

Tue Travel



Sizzle in the sky
Sky Watch




Thanks to All the Hosts

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