Some get their relaxation by doing something adventurous,
or heart stopping like this Ferris Wheel,
a permanent feature of the Irvine Center, California.
One Word sun: Anticipation





Some feel relaxed when they know money
is in the bank. I only spend it:)
This is in the financial district, San Francisco.
It’s not so much the door that attracted my attention,
but how they choose to frame it.
Thurs. Doors




Others relax by by looking at flowers, or
reading books or research. This Mexican Coral Tree is found
in front of the International Library of the Huntington Library
Gardens. The flowers bloom, before the leaves appear.
Floral Fri Foto, Fri Bliss,  Sun Tree, FOTD





At any time, painting is relaxing for me.
At Christmas or days following days
I paint a small 6 x 9 inch event
about Christmas,  to remind myself
who my gift comes from: the Creator.
(the actual painting is a little darker)
Why at Christmas? Giving my time is just a waterdrop
compared to he purpose of his coming on earth
to sacrifice his life, in our place.
Sundays Best, Moasiac Monday




Some relax by seeing and hearing the ocean.
This part  of the W. coast is in San Francisco.




Or, you can relax by taking some shots –
it seems like yesterday – while waiting
on lunch in a busy restaurant in San Francisco.
ABC Wed – Yesterday, Sky Watch, Weekend Reflection





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