Driving over the new bridge, I wished I were on the old one,
with much more definition and character.
New is not always better.
Weekend Reflection, One Word Photo: Old, Sun Trees



The  fragrance of candles are still  wafting through the air,
Rightly so, in Holland and several other countries
in Europe they have a second Christmas day (Dec 26)!

On the country side Christmas is so different than in the city.
In the latter case there are so many events,
and the dazzling lights  of the stores. Even if one would not
know anyone, it still could be festive .

On the country side that is all paired down to a minimum.
Can imagine it could get lonely for people who
do not have the opportunity to visit family or friends.
If you are in the latter position, hope you
do something “to make a memory” –
go out of town, or a fun restaurant,  a coffee place,
a nature hike. Or something you do not normally do..



This year I made a change! Instead of a small 6 x 9  inch, I painted
this Christmas a 30 x 40 inch one. Not finished yet!
Am standing here in the light of a day lamp yet,
so the colors of the painting are not as bright as they appear.
Sunday Best



The Amaryllis  still blooming
Nature Notes, FOTD,  Floral Fri Foto *



Sometimes it takes a while to say goodbye to the old, and travel to the new.  but we may go in accelerated speed, zigzagging into a new year (destination).

Apropos, this is the treacherous Grapevine  I have written about before. Here it looks still pretty nice, when leaving Los Angeles (the higher road, and the one coming from Sacramento into Los Angeles is the lower road).

Soon though it becomes a mad house, with some cars zigzagging to show they have a fast car, trucks struggling to get up the hill, and for others it is their terrified first time, going at a super slow speed.
Tue Travel, ABC Wed  – Zigzag, Sky Watch



Our Dutch New Year’s Eve tradition to have apple doughnuts
and a fruit drink. It sure helps with any sadness, or regrets,
and remind ourselves, that this is a new year full of new opportunities.
ABC Wed., My Corner of the World



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