These are not meant as New Year’s resolutions, but keeping track of my choices and direction or path to choose in this new year. I kinda like to know where I’m heading!

How do you start the New Year ….
1) Make a list for goals ?
2) learn something new?
3) planning any travel?
4) Start cleaning up last year’s things?


  1. Since Sept (Jewish New Year) there has been a definite shift. I went back to painting in front of an audience (after 4 years).
  2. Already bought materials for a technique called scratchboard, and plan also for more 3-D art like soapstone or clay
  3.  Don’t know yet
  4. Yes, in December -and that’s how I found my favorite lined skirt from 4 years ago!

These are about big and meaningful things. Spring cleaning, or buying things for instance is not important to me. Okay if it happens, but I’m not OCD enough to let clutter bother me. Not a catch-all list though, since some big things may not be apparent at the New Year, such as travel,  or buying big items.

Below is a list of some of other things for the year 2019. You are welcome to play along, if you like!


Discover anything “hidden in plain sight.”
That means I have to start looking if something important
is lost, like my wedding ring (yes, for 4 years!)
and not just accept it, but investigate!

A tongue in cheek story about my wedding ring.

In Holland the wedding ring is one single ring on the right hand
if one is Protestant – and if one is Catholic on the right hand,
but not two on the left hand, like in the USA.

At one point I had enough of being seen as single, so at a shopping trip with my adult daughter I bought a nice one, that fit with my Dutch one.
In moving 4 years ago to the Sacramento area, I had stashed the jewelry box in an old hamper. The perfect place against thieves, right?

The movers misplaced several boxes, so we “lost” those boxes
and by then I had long forgotten where I had put
my jewelry box. On and off I debated whether to get
a new 2nd wedding ring or not. The day before my birthday
this year (that’s 4 years later) I was cleaning up the laundry room.
You can guess what happened when I opened
the old hamper, where I thought only a few clothes
were in there, that needed to go to the cleaners!

Reflection of snow in yard from the window of  hubs tinker room
Weekend Reflection, Makro-Tex: January




Its bright color, saved this flower’s life, for it was about an inch big,
and I almost stepped on it in my back yard.
When I get too busy, my tendency to cope with it, is to drop
my usual carefulness. That could be costly, or regrettable.
Especially when that flower is a person in your life.
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto




These new short boots are a symbol to walk  new paths,
whether smooth or rugged.
One Word Sunday: New





Smooth is nice, but do not want to avoid
places like this for fear of ruining my shoes.
Rugged could be more adventurous!
Sun Trees, Natur Donnerstag




Discover any hidden doors ((doors are possibilities that can open up,
and bring you into another “room” (realm).
Very important to me, because I like to go beyond painting
something everyone else is painting.
Thurs Doors, Thankful Thurs.




Allow myself to be willing to encounter smoke, fog, storm,
or red lights! Included scary destinations.

My hope is that amazing skies will be frequent!
Tue Travel, ABC Wed: Amazing, Sky Watch


Thurs Door * Floral Fri Foto * Thankful Thurs. * Natur Donnerstag * Sky Watch *
Weekend Reflection * Fri Photo Friends * Fri Bliss *
One Word Photo : New* Sun Trees *
*Our World * Makro-Tex: January *
* Tue Travel * Nature Notes * Pict. Tue * FOTD*
CornerofWorld *
ABC Wed. – Amazing * My Corner of the WorldSun Snap *

28 thoughts on “READY-SET-GO

  1. I am sure the New Year will be exciting, full and enjoyable whatever you do, Jesh. Some people manage to get something positive out of everything that happens in their life and you strike me as that sort of persons. I wish you many happy moments close to those you love.
    Thank you for taking part in the Travel Tuesday meme.


  2. Resolutions can be a great tool to direct your energy toward the goals you want to accomplish. My wish for 2019 is a healthy Mom and baby girl in April… It has been a complicated pregnancy and now my daughter’s hubby is one of the unpaid Federal workers here and she is out with a bug and no clients, no pay…..not a good start to the New Year….Michelle


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