These are not meant as New Year’s resolutions, but keeping track of my choices and direction or path to choose in this new year. I kinda like to know where I’m heading!

How do you start the New Year ….
1) Make a list for goals ?
2) learn something new?
3) planning any travel?
4) Start cleaning up last year’s things?


  1. Since Sept (Jewish New Year) there has been a definite shift. I went back to painting in front of an audience (after 4 years).
  2. Already bought materials for a technique called scratchboard, and plan also for more 3-D art like soapstone or clay
  3.  Don’t know yet
  4. Yes, in December -and that’s how I found my favorite lined skirt from 4 years ago!

These are about big and meaningful things. Spring cleaning, or buying things for instance is not important to me. Okay if it happens, but I’m not OCD enough to let clutter bother me. Not a catch-all list though, since some big things may not be apparent at the New Year, such as travel,  or buying big items.

Below is a list of some of other things for the year 2019. You are welcome to play along, if you like!


Discover anything “hidden in plain sight.”
That means I have to start looking if something important
is lost, like my wedding ring (yes, for 4 years!)
and not just accept it, but investigate!

A tongue in cheek story about my wedding ring.

In Holland the wedding ring is one single ring on the right hand
if one is Protestant – and if one is Catholic on the right hand,
but not two on the left hand, like in the USA.

At one point I had enough of being seen as single, so at a shopping trip with my adult daughter I bought a nice one, that fit with my Dutch one.
In moving 4 years ago to the Sacramento area, I had stashed the jewelry box in an old hamper. The perfect place against thieves, right?

The movers misplaced several boxes, so we “lost” those boxes
and by then I had long forgotten where I had put
my jewelry box. On and off I debated whether to get
a new 2nd wedding ring or not. The day before my birthday
this year (that’s 4 years later) I was cleaning up the laundry room.
You can guess what happened when I opened
the old hamper, where I thought only a few clothes
were in there, that needed to go to the cleaners!

Reflection of snow in yard from the window of  hubs tinker room
Weekend Reflection, Makro-Tex: January




Its bright color, saved this flower’s life, for it was about an inch big,
and I almost stepped on it in my back yard.
When I get too busy, my tendency to cope with it, is to drop
my usual carefulness. That could be costly, or regrettable.
Especially when that flower is a person in your life.
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto




These new short boots are a symbol to walk  new paths,
whether smooth or rugged.
One Word Sunday: New





Smooth is nice, but do not want to avoid
places like this for fear of ruining my shoes.
Rugged could be more adventurous!
Sun Trees, Natur Donnerstag




Discover any hidden doors ((doors are possibilities that can open up,
and bring you into another “room” (realm).
Very important to me, because I like to go beyond painting
something everyone else is painting.
Thurs Doors, Thankful Thurs.




Allow myself to be willing to encounter smoke, fog, storm,
or red lights! Included scary destinations.

My hope is that amazing skies will be frequent!
Tue Travel, ABC Wed: Amazing, Sky Watch


Thurs Door * Floral Fri Foto * Thankful Thurs. * Natur Donnerstag * Sky Watch *
Weekend Reflection * Fri Photo Friends * Fri Bliss *
One Word Photo : New* Sun Trees *
*Our World * Makro-Tex: January *
* Tue Travel * Nature Notes * Pict. Tue * FOTD*
CornerofWorld *
ABC Wed. – Amazing * My Corner of the WorldSun Snap *

28 thoughts on “READY-SET-GO

  1. I love your ring story, Jesh. It’s fun finding things years later. I didn’t know that U.S. was different about wearing wedding rings. The Husband and I chose to skip the ring tradition when we got married. About 10 years later, he bought me a $10 silver band that I fell in love with in Santa Fe. It livs mostly in the jewelry box. At least I think it’s there. lol


  2. Hello Jesh,
    I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, preferring to change things that need doing as soon as I realize the need. What an interesting story about wedding rings in various countries, how you lost yours and found it again. Wishing you a most joyous 2019.


  3. Jesh – I have been pondering 2019 goals, but I have not formalized anything. Out of your list of questions – the only one that we have done is to plan travel and activities for the year. I am most excited about our plans for back-country camping in Glacier National Park – you can only do it in June, July and August, and you have to apply for special permits … we also need to buy some new light-weight equipment since we will be carrying everything we need. It will be an adventure for sure. But enough about us … I really enjoy your talent for finding pictures that match your subject – you are clever! Best wishes for a fruitful 2019, and thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


  4. I do like to start the year with a rough plan of places I would like to visit. I am also going to try not to buy a plastic bottle of drinking water this year but to use a refillable water bottle.


  5. What a wonderful story about your wedding ring. That’s one of my problems too … remember where I left certain stuff. Recently I found back an old video, it was a very funny surprise.
    I like those new boots, but I hope you won’t have to see the smoke of those crazy wildfires, wearing those boots or not.


  6. I love your thoughts. The tiny pretty flower is adorable and yes, we should cherish all our beloved ones carefully. No resolutions but planning a trip to Spain in the spring…. And me too bought ’boots’, namely Icebugs to enable me to walk on slippery winter roads!


  7. I love this so much – not just the fotos, but your thoughts about the New Year and especially that you’re not OCD about clutter. I’ve learned in my old(er) age to not let it bother me like it used to! So glad you found your rings!!!


  8. I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions. I have goals though. Drop 10 pounds, and get my garage cleaned out …okay that one’s been on my list for 2 yrs already! I’m ever so slowly going through things in there and getting rid of stuff. Big Baby Boy helped out a lot last month. He took 4 boxes and a trunk full of things I’ve saved for him through his life. Now it’s up to him to keep stuff or toss it. I need to get Baby Girl to take a few more boxes she has here then it will just be our junk to stuff to sort through.

    We’re planning to move from this house where we’ve lived for 36 yrs this year so I really need to do a clean out!

    We’re expecting our 2nd Grandchild this month. We’re so excited about that.

    I hope your new boots see some fun stuff they’re cute!

    It’s so funny the story about your lost and found wedding ring because I have very nearly the same story! Mine was lost for several years too. I did buy another ring to replace it. One day while going through the pile of folded clothes on the chair in my bedroom what should fall to the floor? My wedding ring! It must have slipped off my finger while I was folding clothes and I didn’t notice it at the time. It’s locked up tight in the safe now. I wear the newer one. It has far less sentimental value should it be lost. 😃

    Happy New Year to you and Hubs! xx


    1. I know your story about the adult kids’ boxes! Luckily our son is a minimalist. He even threw things away I’m secretly hiding, because at one time he might want to have his trophies back:) I don’t envy you – we lived only 15 years in our previous house and it took us 3 months to reduce our stash. I smiled about your story of your wedding ring – isn’t it interesting that the first ring is so much more valuable – maybe because that’s the one your hubby gave you with his pledge…
      On New years Day I had some people visit the studio, and among them 2 painting artists – so much fun (surprisingly they both commented on the background mountains of the Wedding Feast)
      That this New Year may bring you lots of joy to you both! Including your 2nd grand child – boy or girl?


  9. I’m not much on resolutions, but I always love learning new things. I do have some travel on the horizon. Thanks for linking up today.


  10. I’m not much on New Year’s resolutions…other than to find more new and interesting doors of course. You found a nice one for this post too.
    Happy New Year by the way 🙂


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