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More or less gotten used to this New Year?
My only plan  is for a viewing  at my studio with young college grads at the end of this month. I decided that, since on New Year’s Day I had some guests at my house. Among them were two (around 20-year old)  artists. It was such fun to hear their reactions and their views.
Finally realized that in this area people do not only need a general invitation (as I did in the city), but a specific date to come, before they feel okay to take me up on the invite. I never stop learning:)


You may or may not know California has officially a desert climate. Coming from a North West  European country I thought a desert was what one would avoid, because of the lack of water and the searing temperatures.  Besides, I thought it was ugly and dangerous.

Now, I have only  been to the Southern California and Utah desert, but they both proved me wrong on all counts. Greenery and smooth appearances are  only one kind of beauty. There are flowers, next to thistles, regrettably the flowers are scarce and short lived because of the heat.


Doesn’t this look like the Sahara desert in Africa?
Would you be surprised it is in the desert of Southern California?
In the spring these hills are green!





How about a lizzard?
Very common to live around people’s yards in Southern California. I knew
vaguely one was seen in the front yard,
but when I saw it on my stove top,
I was certain!
We had “open concept” before that term was coined,
and had visions of this critter finding a hiding place somewhere in our house.
So, when it didn’t want to move, I called in the rescue squad (hubby:):))
to trap it to bring it outside.




A very different kind of desert than the one above in Utah.
They have the harsh conditions in common though.
Could not believe what I saw – pine cone?

Have you been to a desert?





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  1. Sharon says:

    Yes! I love the desert — it’s relaxing to me. We often get away for a few days to Palm Springs, and I’ve been to Borrego countless times. I’ve seen pine trees in Borrego. It does kind of take you aback, but it’s enjoyable to spot greenery among the rocks, sand, and bushes. When the desert blooms in the spring, it’s amazing!


    1. Haven’t seen Borrego yet. One of these days hope to go to Death Valley in Spring. Have heard it’s stunning then.


  2. betty - NZ says:

    It’s interesting that you tell us the hills turn green in the summer. They remind me of the scenery in the Christchurch area of NZ where it was all brown the summer we drove around there. A great contrast to Taranaki, which is green all year round.


  3. Jeanna says:

    Deserts are amazing, I’ve only been to a few although we’ve got sand dunes northeast of here. I supposed I’d feel the same way about an invite in that it has to be specific. I might feel comfortable with a general invite with say someone that I know wants visitors like an elderly friend or relative in assisted living or something like that.
    I guess I think of Florida when I think of lizards, I don’t remember seeing them when I visited New Mexico or Colorada, I probably wasn’t paying attention. It’s great you’re planning a view with young college grads. This city is crawling with them but I don’t have much reason to be on campus these days.


  4. Sallie says:

    Coming from the green and rainy Pacific Northwest, I had the same idea as you used to about deserts … when we first traveled to far Southern California )) and then Utah and AZ, I was amazed at how beautiful and varied the desert scenery and plant life can be. So many kinds of natural beauty in our country!


  5. GREEN SMILE says:

    Yes, beauty is everywhere one care to look for it, Jesh. After all, it is in the eye of the beholder!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. A WALK says:

    PS: That header photos is wonderful!


  7. BY THE RIVER says:

    A desert can be an amazing place that is full of life and drama, Jesh. I’ve often been to the Outback here in Australia (desert makes up 18% of the Australian mainland, however, approximately 35% of the Australian continent receives so little rain it is effectively desert) and that is a living desert. I’ve also visited the Sahara and that was quite an awe-inspiring experience too.


  8. kenschneider says:

    I find deserts and the adaptation of plant and animal life to their conditions so fascinating. I have lived in El Paso, Texas, which borders the Chihuahuan Desert and New Mexico, with desert-like areas, and served on duty in Arizona and El Centro, California in the heart of the Sonoran Desert. I do miss the clear skies and open views and the wildlife attracted to an oasis, even if it was in my backyard.


  9. miyahde says:

    Dearest Junieper; OMG, I’ve never experienced desert. I was surprised to see the pine poor tree which can be considered our National tree as we used them for New Year’s flower Decoration.
    Thank you so much for your comments and I’m happy to know you also have year-end and new-year food♪
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


  10. I like visiting the desert. Not sure if I could adapt to living in such an environment. I’d love to see the wildflowers in flourishing bloom in the desert. The one year I was there during the Spring, it was a poor showing, either we were there too early or too late. A glorious 2019 to you, Jesh.


  11. I can’t imagine those hills can ever been green again without any Dutch agricultural expertise …
    What a wonderful lizard. We have (had) some in our garden, but I haven’t seen them last year, I think.
    Wishing you wonderful week.


  12. Sasa S. says:

    Beautiful photos.


  13. Klara S says:

    I still write 2018 everywhere…. Happy New Year! 2019 !
    Thank you for hosting


  14. Jackie says:

    I actually love the desert! Have spent a lot of time in Arizona and California, esp. around Palm Springs.
    Don’t like lizards! Huge ones here in Mazatlan.
    Just had to use my Pest Control (hubby) to get rid of a wasp!


  15. Jill Foley says:

    We love to visit the high desert here in Oregon – it’s such a different landscape than where we live and it’s just a few hours away! And a few years ago we traveled to the Moab, Utah area – so beautiful!


    1. Jackie says:

      I forgot Moab in my comment. LOVE it there.


  16. I like the lizard in your post. Very cute. Have a nice week and thanks for hosting!


  17. Carol says:

    I have driven through the desert but never lived in one. It is a beautiful place but then I find beauty in most things in life. Have a great week!


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