If we would still live in south CA,
this flower would be blooming right now!
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But no, we now live in Northern California,  Hubs started the
demolition of  the bathroom of our master bedroom.
This is the 3rd house we own in the USA
it seems we always want a “better” bathroom.

This time it’s because there’s only a small shower
(and leaking!). Hubby is knocking out some walls to make it
a few feet bigger, and turning everything
around . The tub and toilet  and vanity top
with two sinks (normal in the USA) have been
purchased, and looking for cheap floor and wall tiles!

In viewing this image, I thought, oh, there is a DOOR,
after a minute … wait, there’s also a REFLECTION
in the mirror. My hesitation to put a bathroom in my post
instantly disappeared!

This is one of the many bathrooms Hubs remodeled
for his job. Ours will looks just as nice  as this one
(bigger with a personal touch)
Thurs. Door, Weekend Reflection



Some “blind” doors in Roseville, CA as we call them in the Netherlands, for good
measure. At one time they may have been real doors,
but now they can’t be opened.
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Maybe something like this? (this one is not mine)

For some time I’ve been kind of wanting to do a 3-D art project,
like mosaics or soap stone to sculpt.  In the beginning of
marital life, hubs did not know –  what you may read in
the (auto) biographies of artists-  that that is one
of the  markers of an artist. They turn their life
upside down, or move heaven and earth, to get to do their art.

Inconvenience  or customary living is not in their book.
Now he knows it’s futile trying to stop me,
even if I would be “too busy.”

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A hilly rural view in winter with a clear sky,
decorated with a few clouds:)
Sky Watch, One Word Photo, Sun Tree, ABC Wed.-clear


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