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Your posts and thumbnails last week were so lovely and inspiring! January must have been inspiring to you? Many many thanks:)

This is going to be an interesting, or even an extreme year, so I have heard.
Hard to believe how I unexpectedly had two studio viewings in January! That would fit in the extreme:)

These images were taken in the Huntington Library Gardens (Pasadena, CA) in November. It’s such an enriching environment of plants, flowers, trees, (painting) galleries, shop,  coffee shop, 2 tearooms, a grill,  children’s garden, and the international library, I never can be there long enough, but my feet won’t cooperate! Luckily they have a year pass and a bus drop-off.


Shadows, sunset, bridge, tree – a complete plot for a story!

This bridge looks like the beginning of a fairy tale. The stage is set,
before the the main person appears.




A rendez-vous is planned at this African or Australian desert tree …
Nick told  “a dragon blood tree”




For sure, you want an apple or orange?
If I were Eve, I would suggest the orange:)




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  1. Sharon says:

    I have enjoyed several trips to Huntington Gardens, but I haven’t been there in years now — time to go back! We took our kids here when they were growing up and they would sometimes grumble. But once we got there and they could run in the gardens, they loved it. The lily pond was a favorite!

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  2. You sound happy about your showings. Cool! The bridge does invite a story. A young woman in wedding dress running barefoot across the bridge comes to my mind. We’re in for a few days of rain, even a possible dusting of snow on our low mountains, yippiee! Thanks for giving us a place to hang out, Jesh. 🙂

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  3. Angie says:

    Jesh – any garden that has a tea room is a notch above the rest! And I laughed out loud with reference to Eve and an orange. Can you imagine?

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  4. DREAMTIME says:

    That looks like a Dragon Blood Tree, Jesh! Fantastic things…

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  5. HEATWAVE says:

    Thank you for hosting, Jesh.

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  6. MEMENTO MORI says:

    A lovely setting for a tale indeed, Jesh! I often take photos and file them away in a folder labelled “for writing”, which proves to be a very good practice for stimulating flagging inspiration…

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  7. Sallie says:

    I like the beginning of the illustrated story; next time you go back to the Museum, please let us know the rest of it ;)). Seriously, your photos are beautiful …and I appreciate your sharing …great to have season tickets. Thank you also for hosting.

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  8. What a lovely engraving on the bridge. I wonder its history? Have a lovely week.

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  9. drmargy says:

    When I taught we took kids on field trips to the Huntington Library. I made it back to All Seasons after quite a break. Thanks for the invitation to return. – Margy

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  10. Jeanna says:

    I think I’ve heard about Huntington Gardens I wonder if it was from you. You’re spot on about the photos looking like part of a fairy tale, maybe the bridge is from Celtic lore? Funny you talking about oranges, I can’t get enough of them or tangerines and just inhaled a little Cute tangerine. That is an incredibly interesting tree as well, perfect for an evil with to hide behind.
    Congrats on two showings, is it easy to get back and forth from your place and have you been able to spend more time in your studio or still too cold? The weather guy said something about -65˚ below yesterday but I think that’s west of here and we’ll be sitting pretty at -61˚. Of course that’s wind chill for whatever that’s worth.

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  11. Debbie Smyth says:

    The bridge shot is beautiful. The extreme weather hasn’t hit us yet in Britain, but I’m sure it will get us soon. In the meantime, I have a cold but sunny day in Scotland to share with you.

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    1. Thank you for bringing Scotland to All Seasons -a first:):) Since you know how much I love traveling – this is very special!

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  12. kenschneider says:

    You have some inspiring views at the Gardens. I opened to your header photo of the bridge and it appears three-dimensional.

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  13. Jackie says:

    The path draws the eye.

    Thanks for letting me know about my non-working link at Thursday Doors, will check it out.

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  14. Carol says:

    Good Morning dear lady – hope your Sunday is going great!


  15. I like the bridge very much. Beautiful light. Happy Sunday and thanks for hosting, dear Jesh.

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