A nostalgic walk in my old neighborhood in southern California where my kids
went to elementary school… passing the Bougainvilla flowers …
One Word Sunday: Red,  Tue Travel, ABC Wed: Fiery Red



The buck standing in the front yard that prompted me to  paint
the oil below. It doesn’t come out much here,
but the Manzanita tree right-front is reddish.
Sat. Critters, Sun Tree




Oil,  18 x 36 inch, Three Deer, © St Germain
This painting was painted at a conference.
Chose the theme “as the deer pants for the water, so my soul longs for You.”
Giving myself a challenge of painting a deer with oil paint.
Sun Best










Green Door Red wall – can’t go wrong
Thurs Door









The Reflection is the only image not in red. Took several of these, in the beginning of living on the country side (hope this one was not posted before).


Peace in snow triad
We had two dumps of 7 inches of snow last week!
It looked winter wonderland (and still it does)
Mosaic Mon,  Makro Tex: February



Red Sunset in Amador County
(unedited) Sky Watch



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37 thoughts on “RED IN FEBRUARY

  1. Beautiful red flowers for February. Sorry you had trouble posting your link to Pictorial Tuesday this past week. Not sure why. Seems I now have trouble too at different sites when I try to leave comments.


  2. Your oil painting is stunning! The bright red of the bougainvillea is so needed right now. Enjoy your weekend!


  3. What a cool reflection, and wonderful red sunset. I’ve always liked bougainvillea flowers, and manzanita bark has such a nice red color. I like the painting!


  4. I like that green door and that might be a color contender for my door repainting project this spring. Thanks for linking up today!


    1. Thank you Joanne -it makes up for the one and a half hrs. we travel to the grocery and department stores. and coffee places! The danger that I’m fully entertained all the time is that I’m getting spoiled. Have the same problem as my neighbors: everyone in the city drives up here for the weekend, but when you live in that place 24/7 where do you go, that is not in another state or country?


    2. Yeah – the dilemma is prolonged, because the first 4 years living in the country, we spent all of our funds on the building of the studio and the huge canvases and buckets of paint, and big brushes. So, now we have that all taken care of, maybe we’ll go on some type of vacation this summer – maybe!

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