Sutter Creek, on of the closest towns to us, still has the Main Street
from the gold rush (1849). Easy to see, for it’s a cobblestone street
that is not flat, and the buildings are not in a straight line either.
Only the buildings/shops are from this time.
It seems several of these gold rush towns have a building
for the Native American endeavors.
Thurs. Doors, Tue Travel


Here, nothing is straight.
This slope where the deer stands, is part of the hill!

Just a little over a week ago when people came
to view my paintings here, it was a comparatively nice balmy day.
After that the weather hit the polar streak

On the side door, the iron cross on wood of the studio
seemed to have taken on wings.
Thurs. doors




Looking at it more closely… and what paintings
are inside, you can see at
One Word Sun -Contrast




Bench in snow
Sundays Best


This was on the first day of snow

Am making progress, they don’t run away as soon as
they see me.
Not even when they hear the camera’s click.
This one seems to want to chat,
“Hey you haven’t cleared your driveway yet!”
“Uh, I don’t need to. I live an in the forest ”
“You wished you did, when you need to back up your car
on the snowy hill to go get groceries!”
Sigh, I admit – next day –  she was right



When electricity fails, back to the old way of grinding coffee beans:)
One of our Dutch friends brought this one from
from the Delft antique market  in working condition!
In case you wonder,  my habit is not paying attention
to the text on the front of a tin.
Pirouette cookies were originally in there.

This is already the third time this winter
– we’re contemplating with how small of a generator
we can get by with …



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Mosaic Monday




ABC Wed.-Glass, Weekend Reflection



Something very neat happened. The sky had  covered the whole area
all morning with a light grayish layer. When taking shots
the blue sky opened up –  only right above our house, just for a few minutes.
Sky Watch


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  1. We don’t get many power cuts but when it does it feels like the end of the world is starting! My brother has had heavy snow in New York State this year but thankfully the electricity stayed on for them to cook their Christmas dinner unlike the year before!


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