Last few days we had “everything” from sunshine to rain to  snow to thunder and lightening storm, with a loud howling wind, like in one of those  sinister scary movies. Oh, and I forgot the hail that pelted the roof this afternoon. If you wonder why this post is a mish mash, you know at least why:)

Door and  reflection
Today and the next few days should be nice.
Scratch that – I don’t know what is going to happen! At least, it was nice weather at the moment I saw this door in Old Town Sacramento.
Thurs. Door, Weekend Reflection



A little while longer
FOTD, floral Fri Foto, Fri Bliss



Meanwhile this is still reality
(La neige is snow in French)
Mosaic Monday



the movement of  my  brush
synchronized  instantly
gliding line by line
circling flawlessly with
the flow of my thoughts
to render a bold heartfelt piece
© St Germain














Practicing for the rodeo?
Leaving the parking area,I saw something moving in the distance.
Instinctively, I grabbed the camera.
A few guys were practicing moves with their horses.
Isn’t it interesting that the dust kicking up, creates light?
One Word Photo-Movement, Makro-Tex: light, Tue Travel, ABC Wed -Horse




Sky Watch and sun Tree




Thursday Door* Floral Fri Foto * Thankful Thurs. * Sky Watch *
Weekend Reflection * Fri Bliss * Fri Photo Friends *
Sat Critters : horse* One Word Photo: movement *
Sundays Best * Sunday Tree *
Our worldMosaic Monday * Makro-Tex: light *
Tue Travel * Nature Notes * Pict. Tue * FOTD *
ABC Wed –  Horse * SayCheese *
Sun Snap *CornerofmyWorld * Scribble Panic *


39 thoughts on “FROM ONE DAY TO THE NEXT

  1. I like mish-mash posts with a bit of this and that!! It certainly sounds like your weather!! Thank you very much for linking up at My Corner of the World!


  2. You’ve got me looking at dust differently now, Jesh. Thank you very much. I like your drawing, especially that she holds what looks like a brush in her hand ready to make her impression on a canvas. Love it. 🙂


  3. nice. I see what you mean about the dust and the light, but I see it as illustrating the movement – it gives the horse photo a real flow! great shots all around, stopping in for ABC Wednesday.


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