When in December it snowed two days, I realized afterwards I had let an opportunity go by. Luckily I remembered,
a few weeks ago, that now was my chance to paint snow  in all its glory,
being inside, so I wouldn’t turn into snowman/woman.

On the canvas appears the front entrance of our property. Turned out better than I expected. Now I still need an attention grabber leading into the trees, but not something gaudy or trite, because it would not fit with the  fickle branches … maybe mailboxes …
ABC Wed: Ipaint











Am mesmerized with this elegant celebrity in its own right!
My plan is to paint the ones I posted
for All Seasons’ birthday a few weeks ago.
Will have to wait sometime before this columbine will bloom
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto, Fri Bliss



on our way to Sacramento
Weekend Reflection



Corner Door hunting  in Auburn with Hubby and son
while waiting for my daughter and family
to come home. This little town
is very artsy – about 10 galleries there! Since I haven’t
visited these yet, I cant give recommendations yet:)
Thurs. Door




Saw this fabric looking – although it’s a painted  – skull,
the end of Oct. when   in Old Town’s park
San Diego,  and was reminded that it was
the day of the dead. I know that it’s a tradition,
but never actually understood  death needs to
be celebrated, since t is an enemy of the living!
At least, this decorated, fabric looking decoration
is  not macabre.
One Word Sunday, Tue Travel




Anyways, many took a walk through the park …
Sun Best



Armada of Clouds
Sky Watch, Sun Tree, Makro-Tex: March




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43 thoughts on “SPRING MAY WAIT A WHILE

  1. I like the skull, it makes death look almost ridiculous, something that should be laughed at – what we laugh at doesn’t scare us – a good way to veiw death.
    Thank you for joining the “Travel Tuesday” meme.


  2. I find most people can’t draw snow, or fireworks or rainbows. Photos are definitely hit or miss. I mean I have NO skills in art, but even otherwise skilled folks struggle. So good for you.


  3. I’ve never understood Day of the Dead either! I have a friend who has a mobile phone cover with one of the images on it. It’s quite fashionable round here at the moment to have the images on bags and T-shirts.


  4. I like your non-scary skull, Jesh. Very decorative. The Day of the Dead is a fun rather than gloomy remembrance of those who have died, so the two match well.


    1. it’s not that cold now (after the snow) but it feels like Holland – rain, rain, rain!
      Thank you for adding my link and writing me – I appreciate it!


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