Plenty of clouds, but enough holes to let the sun shine through
Dry Town Door and sky. Sorry, Norm this Thursday. Door
is so small, but it was a drive by! So there;s another door at the end .
Thurs. Door, Sky Watch



Finally this tree (pear?) is blooming in my area in March,
while in southern California
these usually bloom much earlier
Makro Tex-March, Floral Fri Foto, Fri Bliss




My lentil stew in the circle of the soup bowl
with lentils, 3 green bell peppers,  kielbasa sausage,
2 bunches of green onions, tomatoes, marjoram and thyme.
A reflection in front of the tray and  potholder
Sunday One Photo , Weekend reflection









One Saturday in May we went to Balboa Park .
Suddenly we heard someone calling hubby’s name.
Confused, because we don’t know  anyone in
San Diego, we looked around. Someone from Hubs’
photo club  in Los Angeles happened to be there
(taking photos of course) at a flower association’s
display.  This has happened to us several times,
even meeting long time friends from Europe.
Obviously this was something new for this guy
– he was was quite baffled.
Mosiac Monday



Saw this ceramic Knob  in one of the houses
hubby worked at in Southern California- so cute.
They brought a smile to my face. I made sure to tell hubs
that if they would replace them, I would like them.
He probably would ask, where we would put them.
My reply would be, that I would find a place!
ABC Wed – K, Weekly Smile



Am counting 3 doors here, and a fourth up the stairs, and maybe on the balcony (San Diego). Ah, what you discover when loading up images – am not going back you guys, it’s a 7 hour trip!
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Thurs. Door




Coming home our car window reflects the manzanita trees!
Weekend Reflection, Sun Tree


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  1. I am glad you identified the pear tree — I thought it was another flower. 😉 I love seeing them. The lentil soup looks yummy too! Thank you for sharing the collage of subjects.


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