Sky Watch

Not usual for me to start with a sky,  but to be reflective is important for me to remain creative.
For reflection I need to make room in my mind,
free it from distraction.
Very often reflection is used in the sense of “meditation”
in religions that became in vogue
during the hippie area (1960-1975)

But, NOT ALL KINDS OF MEDITATION are “created” equal

The following is not meant as a rebuke, but as
nformation, because many are confused about this.

Included in not created equal (or meaning the same) is yoga,
which is worship to the sun. That is why
one places oneself in these sun-positions.
Also, am not putting flowers or food in a shrine
to appease Buddha or ancestors.
These are only a few examples.

Maybe you think, oh, but I just want to do exercise –
I did not mean to worship one or the other god.
How about this?
One of the highest angels of God – Lucifer –  thought
he could become mightier than God (his Maker,
by the way) , wanting to establish his own kingdom.
He is constantly at war with the Creator.
His nickname is “the father of lies.”

Just because you cross the border of another
country inadvertently , does not mean that
“it does not matter, ” because of your pure
motives! You could start a war, baby!

Wouldn’t  it be more simple to just call it “exercise” if you mean exercise?
To go back to my own personal reflection – I want to know  WHO this Creator is, inspiring my creativity and my paintings.





With reflection is meant “going through, or into the gates (or door) of the Creator ….” The Creator is the God who created the universe, the animals, and you and me …












Oil, 24 x 36 inch, Creative Inspiration,  © St Germain
… with praise.
There are specific angels who worship  and praise
24/7 around and above the throne of the Creator.
This represents one of them.
He can be praised  in any creative way, with music,
dance, poetry, etc. You know what I would choose:)
ABC Wed – music



This array of colors make me smile
Floral Fri Foto * Fri Bliss, Weekly Smile




A door in the Huntington Library Garden in Pasadena,
California. This is a detail of the whole front of the
building in the shade. Too bad,  I didn’t discover
the iron screen work before loading it up for this post.

Being vertically inclined means to me, to turn myself upward
to the heavens where God lives.
Search this matter out instead of listening to popular
streams of thinking. This God is always  for redemption
and healing of your soul, body and spirit. Not for
imprisonment, dictatorship, or destruction.
Thurs Door, One Word Sun: vertical.  Tue Travel



Reflecting, contemplating, NOT meditating.
Weekend Reflection, the palm for Sun Tree, also in the reflection!





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  1. Hi Jesh – good post – even though it took me a minute to figure out what you were saying at first –
    the part about
    “Included in not created equal (or meaning the same)_ came after the bulleted point and the preface about how you were not rebuking – so it was like “included in what?” – just a little unclear and just thought I’d mention it.

    and my thoughts on that are – I agree- we have to be very careful with some of the new age meditations.
    and just wanted to share that when we do our gentle yoga class – we actually give glory to God. For example, in Warrior I – when I lead the class – i remind them of the surrendering all to God and how vulnerable that position is – as arms are lifted and we give our all in al to God.
    So in our Christian yoga class (hate to even call it that – because we have a living faith and bring Christ in all that we do) but we are very vocal about what are poses are for –
    and maybe some folks can worship the sun (while we worship The Son) but many of the poses align and strengthen the body – they are stretches and we jam to good music and keep we talk about the connection between body, mind, and spirit and customize it for “our” group.
    Just wanted to share that

    __oh and one more thing – I define a true meditative state as something where “brain is in an idling default-state” and the person allows
    Theta waves or Alpha waves. and so this is definitely not the same thing as reflecting.


    1. Thank you for your comment, Yvette, and I like the things you shared about your yoga class (you have done a lot of different things:)). You probably are better equipped to write this post, lol, but I had seen the mix up on too many blogs, and thought people need to know that it’s not the same!
      You are mentioning the brain waves -have you heard of the guy who does updates of the Q-anon posts (youtube – I think his same is David Jones, but am not sure). He has also a youtube about Spiritual traveling” that mention brainwaves. I was planning to write you about this guy. I think you would be interested in knowing about that concept – or this may already be familiar territory. Yep, one of my weak points is the English
      language:).Sorry, I wish there was a class I could take for that.
      A few weeks ago I got a like from you visiting my shiny encounters post, and I didn’t know what to do with it, because it somehow also came as a username on this blog – but I hope I fixed it now! Just wanted you to know that I wasn’t ignoring you.The shiney encounters is something for the future, and have not worked on it yet..

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    2. well thanks for the nice reply –
      and oh my – my manners here – I forgot to comment on the images and loved the doors and the comments people left.

      and the english was fine – it was just the way the way it picked up after the two sections – I would have just mentioned again the topic –
      but it was not that tough to figure out – and I was curious because my ears perk up with yoga
      – anyhow, how blessed you are to be bilingual == butI think your English is fin
      and that Jones guy sounds interesting- but I am not into that deep type of meditative modes – not my thing.
      I do like the relaxation part with some basic yoga classes – and at the ending of the ones i do – we have corpse pose –

      and also after I left – I appreciated your heart on trying to raise awareness –
      some people might really need that – and whew – feel like it is a topic that could really be discussed –
      and not sure if I recall the shiny encounters post – I do try and leave a comment and not just a like – so not sure


  2. I like that door to the Creator imagery.
    Melody wishes she could visit this week, but is dealing with life stuff


  3. Nice variety of photos and something to think about, since we all have different views of meditation. I’m so glad you linked up at My Corner of the World!


  4. Beautiful photos. I usually take my morning walk very early. It is a wonderful time for reflexion – still & quiet. Wishing you happy weekend and thank you for the wonderful photos. The hydrangea is pretty and the door intrigues me.


    1. Hello Jutta, thank you so much for your contribution! Two things: 1) I have a few kinds of posts per week, and only when it says in the title ALL SEASONS there is a link up list for your photo. The photo link is open from Sunday to Friday noon California time. So please, send us a photo between coming Sunday and Friday with your photo – thanks so much in advance 2) I tried to visit your wordpress blog but it says “not available anymore” so your blog is probably hidden? To change that, go you your “dashboard in edit mode”, and click on “my blogs” there you can see if it is hidden or visible. Then go (in edit mode) to the post you made, and click on “publish” Hope that will do the trick! Have a wonderful weekend:)


    1. Thank you Norm! This was in Southern California. Where I’ll find doors like this here, the closest would probably be in San Francisco, 3 1/2 hrs. away!


    1. Thank you Jan. It struck me that this diagonal line was so sharp, like someone took a pen in the sky and wrote/painted it:) wishing you also a great weekend (some sun!)

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  5. I love the sky and the flowers. Spring has arrived, so flowers are so welcome. Thanks for linking up today!!!!


  6. Greatly enjoyed your post today, Jesh. I do some yoga for bone strength–exercise and that’s all. Huntington Gardens is so nice, but rather expensive! I went once with my daughter the first time I visited Pasadena. It was amazing!



    1. Oh I remember vaguely now the physical things you used to do, and of course when you like to ride a horse regularly, you don’t want to be in pain the day after!
      Guess I am used to Californian prices – when we lived there, it was a little too far to get a year pass, but in general we went 2-3 times a year (when you live in such a big city, and see nothing but traffic daily, one just needs to see some green!


  7. This is a very nice post. Beautiful art, photos and a great message. I have used Episcopal churches for Thursday Doors several times, and the ones I have used have had spires and tall pointed columns. When I looked into the history, they said the spires were designed to cause you to look upward to Heaven.

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    1. Thank you Dan! For my studies in art, my favorite to look at, was the Gothic style. Where I feel more at home in a church community though are churches in modern business like buildings without any towers. Too bad, but I choose community over a nice building:)

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