THE TIME I ALMOST DROPPED THE BALL …. and was given a Second Chance

Samantha held the door open for me, because I had too many art things in my hands.
“Soo …. tell me the truth?”
Had no idea what she was referring to, “Yeah?”
“No I REALLY need you to tell me the truth!”
What was she thinking … why shouldn’t I tell the truth? I wondered, being puzzled about her insistence.
I nodded. “What is it about?”
“You know … a few weeks ago we had that conference?”
“Yeah?” How could I not remember!
Inside I sighed. That was one of the few times where I had been chicken . A scared chicken, and I rather not think about that conference.



Nature Notes, FOTD
Fri Bliss, Floral Fri Foto


Before I go on, to really understand why this was not to just gloss over.  When I paint for an audience or conference, I ask the Creator what to paint, and he never runs out of subjects for me to paint. This time, I thought it was bizarre.
The main conference speaker  (Van Coeveren) was an inventor. He had invented and patented several instruments, among other things (I think in total about 20 patents). If I only would have kept that in mind, maybe, just maybe, I would not have had such a struggle.


But no, I was so stuck in my mind on what this – “something blue, with light rays coming off of it” – could possibly have to do with anything I needed to paint.
I could not make any sense of what I saw. Not only did I back out of the subject, but even that it had to be painted with oil paint



Thurs. Theater Doors (Thurs. Door)

…. that I settled for a chicken attitude, shut the doors on my creativity and I painted something in abstract with pastel. But in my mind I thought t looked horrible:(

Then something unforeseen happened. Afterwards, someone was so taken with it, she wanted the pastel painting. I told her I had to get back to her. She protested she  might not be there the next day. I replied I painted there almost weekly, so she could get back to me later,
“because I’m not done with it.”
There was that little voice that whispered, “see, maybe you were right after all – you could have made a fool of yourself!”



(Partly reflection, and partly seeing through the window,
yellow flowers and short fence – kind of how I felt about this conundrum … If it had not been for James’ weekend reflection,
I never would have thought to include a reflection in my painting!
Weekend Reflection)


The rest of the story?
At home I realized I had given in into my logic as well as fear, instead of trusting “my heavenly Father knows best.”

Next day, I painted a “blue-something.”       I couldn’t give it a name …
Saw an old friend at the conference,  who I had not seen for years.
She asked why I was there. I responded that I was painting.
She glanced  at my canvas, and asked, “Oh, that jewel?”
Phew, at least I now knew what it was:)


Oil, 24 x 30, The Blue Diamond,   ©  St Germain
One Word Sunday Dazzle

Back to Samantha.
“Did anyone talk to you about my teeth problems?”
I shook my head vigorously, and loudly said, No!”
She volunteered, “That weekend, I was in so much pain, but I didn’t have money for the dentist. When I came here, my mouth dropped open when I saw you painting the jewel a family member had given me… No one knows about this! NO ONE

(To her this was a big reminder/revelation that she DID have funds for going to the dentist – that little dazzling diamond hidden away in a box. To me it was touching that God is not only the creator of the universe, but also cares about all of the details of our daily life)
(ABC Wed.-No One)



The metal cross, now long enough outside on my studio door
that the iron has begun to rust.
Don’t mind rust in the right places:)
Weekly smile. Say Cheese


Then looking me in the eye, “How did you know?”
While I was trying to figure out how to answer her, she continued, “So what do you think I should do?”
I replied, “That is between your Heavenly Father and you.”

If you like to know about the painting process and of most other paintings , CLICK.  which brings you to the link of
Artnotes 2016. This is the Third painting from the top.



 Makro Tex: April,  Sky Watch


♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  Post Script – When in Southern  California last October, I saw Samantha (not her name).  Asked if I could share her story. It looked like she was more pre-occupied that she had lost track of me, because while saying, “Yes,” she continued without taking a breath, about keeping in contact, while giving me her business card. After the above story, she made me promise not to tell anyone. I was thrilled she gave me her consent, because this was not only about her, but also about me.


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  2. Prior... says:

    So the skywatch photo was in sync with the painting shape and vibe – that was cool.
    And then the purple and blue colors in the post had a nice unified vibe (cool
    Colors) – even the purple on the doors fit so well –

    And as for the story – the writing itself was clear. Now this is just my opinion and just disregard if this is you.
    The different color font was a tiny distraction from the flow / I once had someone tell me that with a post and I thought “too bad” but then I have been to posts that do various colors and I saw what they meant. When we read a lot we like the same unified text – and yours here was only a few uses of different colors – for impact – but I kept wondering if it was a live link – and it did distract. So I was told to just use a bold heading or let your readers get the impact on their own. And at least you did not add a lot of different sizes – I find that to be very distracting –

    And the use of the word “chicken” was also colloquial – fine for a blog post – of course! But I had to think back to what that meant (coward – passive) and as is the case with such words – they can be culture sensitive and we define them so differently. Well it was easy to see what you meant in the context of what you wrote – but wanted to share that. It also just did not seem like a grown up word! Ha – but that is biased

    Content and experience
    The experience is a beautiful testimony to his God works – and spooky cool at times! The girl can sell her jewel and the way it tied in. And then getting her permission was the cherry on top!
    To god be the glory because there are no mistakes – it is all
    Interconnected – and so often it is NOT even really about us. Well
    It always is because god loves us so much and gives us the desires of our heart- and all that – but as an ambassador and advocate we are often strategically placed –
    And your not knowing what to paint and letting Him lead – oh what a cool share!


  3. Prior... says:

    Hi jesh! Thanks for bringing me to this post! I did enjoy it and it reminds me that boogers need to do this more. I sometimes will go to bush boy and make sure he drops by a certain post and so I have done it – or I link the author in a mention and that usually brings them by! And so seriously – thanks for inviting me over to read this! Such a cool experience – and be right back with my second part of the comment –


  4. It’s amazing how things just happen to fall in place even when you can’t possibly think that they will.

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  5. betty - NZ says:

    What a great story! I know we shouldn’t be surprised, but our humanness is always amazed when we see how the dots are finally connected! God is always working for us 🙂 Thank you so very much for making My Corner of the World a success!


  6. Kirsti Kaija says:

    Great story and beautiful photos..


  7. Mama Pajama says:

    interesting story. glad it worked out for your friend.


  8. Roger says:

    Behold, you were brought a mystery. In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, saying: “we shall be changed.”

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  9. Jackie says:

    What a great inspirational piece. I do admire your faith and believe it is what makes your paintings so gorgeous.


  10. James says:

    Great post! The diamond in the painting seems to be giving off energy as it spins like a top on a mirror.


  11. Debbie Smyth says:

    I enjoyed your story, Jesh, and very pleased to see one of the stars of the story appear as the dazzle for this week’s challenge.


  12. riitta k says:

    The blue of the iris is so deep and beautiful. I have many rusty things in my garden… Happy weekend Jesh!


  13. I loved reading about God speaking into your life like this, using your gift to speak to another. He is so good and He speaks to each of us in ways that are unique to each of us. Thanks for showing me another unique and wondrous way He has of using individuals through the gifts and talents He has given us. Sometimes we put Him into a box and think He can only speak in one way; but that’s not so. I loved this story.

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    1. Junieper2 says:

      Thank you so much, Michelle! If want Him to keep His inspiration close, I know I need to follow his promptings. But my logic sometimes gets in the way! In this case – for sure! Looking back, the stress Samantha was in, was more important to him, than the appropriate subject for the conference, which was about music:):) After reading your comment, I am especially grateful, He brought me you on your way!

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  14. Peter B. says:

    Oops… Sorry, Jesh. Forgot to enter my information so my original comment posted as “anonymous”!


  15. Anonymous says:

    That’s a pretty amazing story! I like the painting of the Blue Diamond and the special meaning behind it. Beautifully done!!


  16. Alan Bates says:

    This is a great story. Thank you for sharing it with us. The creative process is truly amazing!!


  17. Norm 2.0 says:

    I love that theater door. Nice find 🙂


    1. Junieper2 says:

      I saved this one for a special occasion, and this fits so much what I went through – and almost failed the test! Will come back later for my comment on your Tuscan doors:)


  18. Jesh, I love everything about this post, but most of all that God worked in such a wonderful and mysterious way in all these lives. Thanks for sharing this praise. It was just what I needed this morning (not that there’s anything terrible going on, but a reminder of His love and power is never amiss!)



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    1. Junieper2 says:

      Thank you Janet! If you knew what a difficult time I had to post this story. Not only was this humbling to my own process as an artist, but I KNEW I had to share this. Had to figure out how to do this, since I did not have “Samantha’s” consent!! I don’t know why she changed her mind (the postscript went on during the music was playing, and this conversation was not more than 2 minutes), but I’m glad she did! Thank you, for your comment confirmed my struggle to post was not for nothing:):) Blessings:)

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  19. Dan Antion says:

    It’s always good to see theater doors and iron work!


    1. Junieper2 says:

      Yeah, the masks were kind of symbolic, what I went through – as a retired psychologist I was always on the other side!

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