A compilation from things I hoped they were not true, and other instances I was happy they were true:)

On the road between Sacramento and Los Angeles

Natur Donnerstag, Sunday Tree

We were driving  between Sacramento and Los Angeles last October for a big renovation job hubby was about to begin. It was a torturous  10-hour drive of 55 miles per hour on the freeway  (because we were pulling our car behind a rented truck).

Hubs got a text, “hope you’re not on your way yet, because “it” is postponed.
“It,” meaning that we couldn’t get in the house we would stay, because the texturing of the ceilings was delayed).

We were already several hours on the way! We looked at each other. I responded hopefully, “That’s not true, right?”
Then, surmising he would not lie about this, “I hope you’re not going back.”  thinking that  one way of this agonizing turtle speed was enough!
“That’s what I’m going to text,” he replied, not knowing how this would turn out.
“Good,” I said relieved, and went back to taking pics of the sides of the canon. The employers were gracious to put us up in a hotel for two nights.


An hour before really coming into Pasadena, the N. end of the Los Angeles basin, traffic lines began to go slower and slower.
Then I saw a small trail of smoke. Uh-oh, hope it’s not a big fire, because that may cost us hours of detours.
Luckily, even though there were two fire trucks on the scene, they had the fire under control, once  (an hour later) we passed by. Left the phone lines in, since the pillars were close by.
Photo a Week Challenge



Soo, Let me get this straight Peach …
you want to get into the Navy so you can see sunsets?
Do you know, you don’t have to join the Navy for that???
I know … but they’re counting on me!
WHO told you that?
Lucy from Charley Brown fact-checked it.
Ooooh, that explains it!

One Word Sun: Confusion, ABC Wed: Oooh,
Weekly Smile



Red French Front Doors in a lovely old part of Sutter Creek,
one of the Gold Rush towns of 1849.
Thurs. Door, Natur Donnerstag




Our first crocuses bring a smile
Weekly Smile, Floral Fri Foto, FOTD




Sky Watch, Water Reflection. Makro-Tex: Blue


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26 thoughts on “IT’S NOT TRUE … RIGHT?

  1. That red door speaks to me … but I don’t think I’ll convince hubby to change our front door color!!! Joining you from Nature Notes.


  2. Their text seems a bit late, but I’m glad it worked out for you. I really love that red door a lot 🙂 I’m so glad you joined me at My Corner of the World this week!


  3. Oh dear! I’m glad you got two nights in a hotel out of it. We’re off on a road trip tomorrow and as I’m working in the morning I’ve got to trust my husband to pack up the entire car!


  4. The ‘smoke’ photo looks very fine, although it is not a happy incident. The red ‘door’ in the middle of all that green is a beautiful promise of summer ❤


  5. The Sacramento to LA drive can often be torture… especially pulling a car behind you with a speed limit of 55!! So glad you didn’t have to turn around and go back. Beautiful sky shot this week! Enjoy your weekend.


  6. smiling with you with crocus – and those french doors – 🙂
    and laughing at the navy and sunset story – so cute
    ((and your english “is” pretty good (before you noted it was not your strength) but you got this dash and that says a lot! “10-hour drive”


    1. Thank you – you’re kind:) Whenever you have time, please read my post “The time I almost…” like to know your thoughts, because you’re an artist. For me it remains a walk of faith, when we as artists don’t want to be trapped in the “box.”

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I would love to read it – can you add a link in a reply to me – so I can access it easy (sorry – it helps right now)
      and I also wanted to ask if I could use an image of yours in one of my “time for art ” posts –
      not sure which one i want to use yet – but I will have your name on it and link your blog (of course)


      this is the story I was talking about. And for your “time of art ” posts, you may want to look at
      – you can also click on the 3 horizontal lines (top right) which also gives you the link. The way to navigate on that blog is to scroll all the way to the end, where the subjects (posts) are listed.

      Now we are talking about specifics, whenever convenient, I have fairly in the beginning “The Red Line” listed on Artnotes2016, which shows where unborn children go – if you have ideas how to promote this one, I would like to hear it. Maybe even this year, but more likely in one of the coming years Roe vs. Wade will be addressed. I painted it, but am kind of dark how to go about getting it known, and to what kind of audience(s) to address it ….
      Since it’s a controversial subject, you can also write me about this at jeannette.coevorden1@yahoo or junie15blooms@yahoo

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