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Loved your beautiful and interesting posts last week,
the places you visited, and the things that happened to you!
Very much appreciate the interaction with each of you,
each week:)

After painting (art)  knitting is second in how much time
I spend on it, not as an art, but trying to save money.
Haha, if you really like to save, you have more chance buying
the article you want to wear, at the store
except for knitting blankets.
I almost always change a pattern, or combine more
than one pattern. Often pay more attention to inches,
measured on the body, than how many stitches
they prescribe.
Am a color and texture nut, and often department stores
do not have, what I like. Discovered Loose Leafs ,
via a magazine, and was the reason why we went to Santa
Barbara (this is a continuation to the All Seasons post
“To Bradbury Dam” two weeks ago)

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The hills closer to Santa Barbara look more sandy.
It is also warmer. In my post  All Seasons
“To Bradbury Dam”
you see more of our road trip from
Los Angeles to Santa Barbara




Flowers at a tiny place close to  Solvang (also in the area of Santa Barbara)
with the romantic name Santa Ynez.
Taken in mid summer when the colors looked like cut-outs
in the sun.  Used several PS filters to soften, and
the effects from Iphoto of my Apple computer.



Back then I was heavier into knitting. The Loop & Leaf store
in Santa Barbara  was much smaller than I thought,
but very welcoming. The knitting store was on the corner
of a residential street. The big city girl was thinking,
how did they ever get the permit to have a store there?






The yarn was as pricey as in Los Angeles, but the service was absolutely
perfect  !











Santa Barbara has many eating places. At lunch or at the end of
the day out it’s nice to go  Italian – their food is awesome!



Our drive back to Los Angeles
is on the 101, right next to the Pacific ocean:)

Would you travel  4 hours for a specific specialty store you like?




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  1. You hills of Santa Barbara makes me want to splash some paint very quickly on a piece of paper for a quick sketch 🙂 The flower looks like beautifully crafted paper flowers. Oh yes, I would definitely drive 4 hours if the scenery is that that beautiful!



  2. Sharon says:

    I would certainly travel to Santa Barbara any day! I’m planning to go there in May. I went to college there and love the city! If you have any specific restaurant recs, let me know. Italian always sounds good!


  3. Jeanna says:

    I’ve taken that ocean view drive from Oregon to California before, nothing like it. Wish I was handier like being able to knit and I LOVE that tree. The Loop & Leaf store sounds like a fun place regardless.


  4. miyahde says:

    Dearest Jesh; Beautiful yarn♡♡♡ I remember that I wished to be good at knitting. Haha, I found I was clumsy with hand work. You made me wish to try that delicious looking food♬ Sometimes we go to the Prefectural government city to buy things we can’t find here, bit long drive p;-) I appreciate to my driver husband(♡˘◡˘♡)
    Thank you so much for your sweet comments♪ Lots of Love from Japan, Miyako*


  5. I lived in California for a year and never had the chance to go to Santa Barbara. It’s my biggest travel regret!


  6. Oh, yes, I would drive four hours to visit a specialty store to shop from… None of this internet shopping business. I like to examine closely what I buy, talk to the sales assistant, try it if I need to.


  7. jammy7000 says:

    PS: Thank you for hosting!


  8. I travel 4 hours to see my sister, and have done so there and back in one day a few times, but to visit a speciality store? Probably not. I used to knit way back, and made several jumpers/jackets for myself, but recently only a couple of scarves. I had to smile at the yarn bomb tree. We have them here too! Have a great week.


  9. jammy7000 says:

    What wonderful memories you brought back to me, Jesh. Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez were two of our absolutely favourite places in California (San Diego and San Francisco completing the quartet!). Lovely photos as always!


  10. Beautiful flowers! I always enjoy finding a new place to eat!
    As for your question, No, I rarely go more than an hour or so from home.
    Have a wonderful week!


  11. kenschneider says:

    Years ago I had a business trip to Santa Barbara and drove up on Route101. It rained for the first time in many weeks and the road was very slippery because of the accumulated oil. On one of the curves I skidded and almost went off the road. An unforgettable experience!


  12. Angie says:

    Jesh – no, I don’t think I would drive that far to a store. A hike, yes. Thanks for hosting All Seasons!


  13. Pat says:

    I’ve visited Santa Barbara and Solvang—both wonderful places! It can be fun to take a road trip like this in search of goods that you enjoy using. We have driven far to enjoy vineyards and buy their wine! This summer we might drive across Colorado to buy Palisades peaches–they are the best!


  14. Sallie says:

    Such a beautiful area! I would travel four hours if it were on this wonderful route! The time would fly by so quickly… it would be more fun and seem to go faster than an hour drive in city traffic!


  15. Kelleyn says:

    I love Santa Barbara!


  16. Santa Barbara must be such a delightful place! Thanks for sharing.
    Have a happy Easter Week!


  17. Debbie Smyth says:

    Some lovely California images, Jesh. The flowers are gorgeous.
    As for 4 hours to a speciality store, that’s pushing it for me. But I do make sure I visit places like that when on my travels – no point missing an opportunity. And i have a friend who’s a keen quilter and knitter so I sometimes get things for her.


  18. Carol says:

    I wouldn’t be going to that store very often – long drive!


  19. Jackie says:

    Yes, I would make my husband drive 4 hours to a store!!!
    I’ve been to Solvang and Santa Ynez, in fact bought a shirt in SY that I love and wear still!!

    Love to knit, but not “allowed” to buy any yarn until I use up what I have.

    Liked by 1 person

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