There are towering issues – the ones that can be seen
from a large distance, and the bottom issues,
that are only seen up close.

We walked and passed this church on the way to where
our friend’s wife (my art friend) is the co-owner of a lovely
sandwich place. In the Netherlands, bread and coffee
(for lunch) go together, so it’s different from a
Subway place. Also, she makes a mean apple torte


The tower of the church we passed. The blue part probably
was built on later. There are a mishmash
of styles here. The pointed arched windows (Gothic)
with horizontal lines and arched emphasis (Renaissance),
the 16th century roof line – maybe a slate roof,
and the top blue part of the tower,
which I don’t know what name to give it.
Sky Watch, One Word Photo – Tower

A large dark door with an iron fence, with renaissance pillars
and the Greek trapezium point,  and a simple white side door,
both part of the church in Hoorn. Wonder if the white door
was put in later…
Thurs. doors


Flowers in spring say promise of new life
A towering issue is that there cannot be new life,
if you haven’t accepted  his sacrifice of love  (below)
Floral Fri Foto, Fri Bliss, Makro-Tex, FOTD



Meanwhile since hubby was dealing with a
male problem (click on HERE to read more )
I found two small skeins of blue yarn in my stash, and thought
this would be the right time
to try toe-up socks. It was a process.
idn’t understand the heel flap instructions,
so I winged it, and turned out … okay,
could be better, but it’s practical and people won’t
look how it’s constructed when I have them on.
,ABC Wed – Practical



A tree …he died upon a tree
Sun Tree


Oil, 24 x 30, Good Friday,  St Germain
It was when he cried out “It is finished”
that the curtain in the synagogue was torn.
That we never may forget … the Price he paid
to rescue us, so we could have eternal life with him.
This is a towering issue. Without this there is no life
after our earthly one.
It makes me smile that One loved me this much!!
Weekly Smile, ABC Wed – P


Almost missed this reflection above the large dark door
of the church above. A “ground floor issue” happened this week
– the interior structure of a famous church “Notre Dame” in Paris
the fire could not touch. Many of the artworks could be saved.
Hubs had read an article saying  that the light coming through
the roof that had collapsed, was shining on a painting
about Jesus. Applause.
Weekend Reflection


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  1. oh, it’s a sock! I couldn’t tell what you were knitting from the thumbnail on the ABC Wednesday link page – nice colors, and I’m glad you worked out the heel!


  2. A fabulous series, as always! Your painting is so fantastic and dramatic, wow. Your link is a great addition to the ‘My Corner of the World’ link up!


  3. oooo la la
    I love your Good Friday painting – is that the title?
    It is so cool the way the cross is in the middle of the tear – and so much I keep going back to enjoy


  4. Nice shots. Old buildings are like living things, constantly changing. That old church and its tower certainly have seen a few changes. And nice tying it all back to Easter.


    1. So true, Jan – I like your “droge humor.” Was reading that this year several churches in France were attacked in one or the other way. To be “unknown” has its advantages:) Also a happy Easter to you!

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    1. Am chuckling right now, because this was a huge church, standing in relatively small town in center. I could see though on the amount of shops that tourism there was booming.

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